Eat & Drink

AFTRS Eat and drink The Entertainment Quarter Village markets open Wednesdays and Saturdays

Located in the heart of the Entertainment Quarter there are numerous options available, in and around AFTRS to grab a bite to eat or a quick coffee; spanning a range of price points:


  • On Wednesdays & Saturdays until 3pm: The EQ Village markets provide a tasty and wide selection of produce and tasty bites including dumplings, bagels, cruffins and more
  • A number of coffee shops are dotted around the precinct and during the week the AFTRS cafe serves up coffee, muffins sandwiches and more for students, staff and guests to the school  and fox studios (located right next door)
  • Burgers, sandwiches, sushi and frozen yogurt can all  be purchased from outlets close to AFTRS
  • A-la-carte restaurants and bars are also located inside the EQ 


Last updated July 17, 2015
Image attribution: Photos by Nicole Paterson for AFTRS