AFTRS Student Films screen at 7 festivals

A young woman mechanic under a car A still from 2013 AFTRS student film 'Like Breathing'

Sep 20 2014

A round up of some of the festival selections, screenings and wins over the past few weeks for AFTRS student films ...

  • Kharisma (2013) has been selected from more than 1,000 entries to screen at the International Children & Youth Short Film Festival in Berlin:

    Director: Shannon Murphy (Directing)
    Writers: Shannon Murphy (Directing) and Kim McCreanor (Screenwriting)
    Producer: Sabrina Organo (Producing)
    Cinematographer: Kent Marcus (Cinematography)
    Editor: Florence Holmes (Editing)
    Production Designer: Emma McEwan (Production Design)
    Location Sound: Jean-Marc Serret (Sound)
    Post Sound: Blake Guy (Sound)
    Screen Music: Tiernan Cross (Screen Music) and Joel Geist (Screen Music)

  • Like Breathing (2013) selected to screen at the Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and the Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in the US:

    Director/writer: Liz Cooper (Directing)
    Producer: Julia Kelly (Producing)
    Cinematographer: Goldie Soetianto (Cinematography)
    Production Designer: Grace Brown (Production Design)
    Editor: Kelly Cameron (Editing)
    Screen Music: Grace Huie Robbins (Screen Music)
    Costume Designer: Claudia Daly
    Sound Supervisor: Declan Diacono (Sound)
  • Heaven (2012) screened as part of the Love/Sick program at the Sydney Underground Film Festival (SUFF):

    Director/writer: Maziar Lahooti (MSA)
    Producer: Andrew Brinsmead (Producing and Screen Business)
    Cinematographer: James L Brown (Cinematography)
    Editor: Amarnath Jones (Editing)
    Production Designer: Ingrid Weir
    Location Sound: Christopher Frith (Sound)
    Post Sound: Benjamin Beverley (Sound)
  • I Am Emmanuel (2013) has been selected to screen at the San Francisco Immigrant Film Festival:

    Director: Genevieve Clay-Smith (MSA)
    Producer: Eleanor Winkler (Producing & Screen Business)
    Co-Producer: Isha Kamara
    Writers: Genevieve Clay-Smith, Noel Franco (Foundation Diploma), Mandela Mathia
    Co-Collaborator: Noel Franco (Foundation Diploma)
    Cinematographer: Nicola Daley (Cinematography)
    Steadicam: Andrew Johnson
    Production Designer: Roslyn Durnford (Production Design)
    Editor: Adrian Rostirolla (Editing)
    Screen Music: Jonny Higgins
  • Eric (2013) has been selected from 1,366 entries for Poitiers Film Festival, France:

    Writer/director: Andrew Lee (Directing)
    Co-writer: Jacob Holmes-Brown (Screenwriting)
    Producer: Ashlea Dicks
    Cinematographer: Goldie Soetianto (Cinematography)
    Production Designer: Grace Brown (Production Design)
    Editor: Florence Holmes (Editing)
    Screen Music: Grace Huie Robbins (Screen Music)
    Costume Designer: Sarah Hoke Thomson
  • All God's Creatures (2013) won Best Film at the Canberra Short Film Festival:

    Director: Brendon McDonall (Directing)
    Writers: Jessica Paine (Screenwriting, 2012) and Brendon McDonall
    Producer: Taylor Litton-Strain (Producing)
    Cinematographer: Jack McAvoy (Cinematography)
    Editors: Mary-Elizabeth Hutson (Editing) and Kelly Cameron (Editing)
    Production Designer: Bethany Ryan (Production Designer)
    Location Sound: Gareth Evans (Sound)
    Post Sound: Alex Francis (Sound)
    Screen Music: Adam Moses (Screen Music)

Congratulations to all involved!

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