Making a Movie Teaser with Guerilla Films (Wyrmwood)

Nov 14 2016

The brothers behind the cult Aussie zombie film Wyrmwood share their experience and knowledge on how to create a teaser to get your film noticed.

  1. Combine existing concepts to build your own new hybrid concept

    Create a cocktail of 2 or 3 genres to come up with the next ‘new thing’. The best results come from combining concepts that are already universally accepted to be decent. Wyrmwood was created by blending Mad Max and Dawn of the Dead. The way you know that a concept is nailed, is if you tell somebody the concept and their eyes light up, then you’re onto a winner.

  2. Shooting a teaser is a must

    If you want to make sure that audiences are excited and impatiently yearning to see your movie, then you have to make it real. Give your audience a sneak peek with a teaser. The best way to do this – just start filming. It helps to gravitate people towards your production and you can then repurpose this content to use as marketing material to on-board crew members like costume designers, make-up artists etc.

  3. Build a social media fan base by being authentic

    Create your story and make it relatable. The Wyrmwood brothers were able to connect with their social media audience through the true story of two brothers making a zombie film from their mum’s backyard. An established audience online will not only watch your film, but they’ll also help make your film.

  4. Maintain and respect the social media fan base that you create

    As your social media fan base starts to grow, continue to feed them content to keep them interested in your project. Trickle out content captured during the creation of your trailer. This will keep your following interested, so when you go to release your film, you’ll have a large amount of pre-made fans who will be lining up to buy tickets to watch your film.

  5. Use your trailer to stand out when looking for funding

    Most people will come to meetings with a generic storyboard in the form of selling a film idea with a script and google imagery. A trailer will help get you get more of your idea across, more precisely. It will also show that you have begun shooting and creating your movie which will put you ahead of the game.

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DISCLAIMER: Tristan and Kiah would like to say that they have made 1 film so they’re not claiming themselves to be experts in film, but they are DIY Masters. I mean they’ve been DIY mastering for the past 20 years.


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