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Talk Talk

Talk Talk: Indigenous Language and Storytelling

An AFTRS Indigenous Podcast

We live in a country that holds the oldest living culture with an unbroken connection: our First Nations People. How does Australia in 2019 understand this? A famous expression, ‘White Australia has a Black History’ seems to capture it perfectly. Join in the conversation between AFTRS Head of Indigenous Kyas Sherriff and novelist, historian, farmer and respected Elder Uncle Bruce Pascoe, as they share deep understandings on language, identity and connection to country.

Episode 1: LANGUAGE

Join us for an insightful discussion about how language and Indigenous knowledge is being used today. First Nation Australians are a diverse group of peoples who use story in daily life. Enjoy the wisdom from Uncle Bruce Pascoe as he imparts his thoughts on our shared nation.


Episode 2: IDENTITY

Listen as respected Elder Uncle Bruce Pascoe ruminates on people’s responsibility to be knowledge keepers. An opportunity to hear understandings of the responsibility as being part of the oldest living culture. There are numerous languages spoken in Australia but there were once hundreds spoken by the Indigenous Peoples of Australia. Culture is passed on through story, language and in this episode, you can hear how this has occurred over time.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have many ways of finding a connection to their culture and identifying in today’s Australia. Being grounded with community and connecting to your identity can happen in countless unique ways. Awareness of land, air, sea and your role creates a sense of place. Who are we; who might that animal be? Sometimes we all just need to listen.


Storytelling informs, engages and challenges culture. Australia has a shared history. Australia’s First Nations peoples are integral to the story of how we got to the country we all live on today. Right now is an exciting time to see and hear all of the lived experiences of so many who walk this country together.

Episode 5: TIME

There has been an unbroken connection to country for First Nations peoples of Australia. Over time there has been a shift in how we as Australians describe ourselves and view our past with each other. The interest in First Nations culture and story is seen and felt on a national level. Together we can walk forward with understanding and wisdom.