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Charlie's Desk

The Charlie’s Desk initiative is on hold for 2021 due to COVID. You can apply for the Charlie’s Grant virtual residency here.

What is Charlie’s Desk?

Charlie’s desk is an initiative of Australians In Film (AiF) and AFTRS. It’s a hotdesk space available within Charlie’s, a dedicated work and networking space for Australian filmmakers in Hollywood. When running, it is open to all alumni, subject to approval and availability. Contact charlies.info@aftrs.edu.au for more information.

Charlie’s Desk is open to AFTRS award course alumni and current AFTRS Masters students.


Where is the space located?

Raleigh Studios
5300 Melrose Avenue
Suite #B211, Bronson Bldg
Hollywood, CA 90038

What is the purpose of the space?

Charlie’s purpose is to support AiF members and their guests and AFTRS alumni living and working in Los Angeles by offering a working space for collaboration, networking, and creative development.

What is included?

  • Exclusive use of the workspace (a desk in an open, shared space).
  • Non-exclusive use and access to kitchen, bathroom and shower.
  • Limited access to Wi-Fi, printer and a bookable meeting room.
  • 24 hours a day, seven days a week access.
  • The opportunity to book (through AiF) the Raleigh Studios screening facilities at special AiF rates.
  • Parking at the AiF landlord’s rate (currently US$10 a day).

Who can use the space?

Only one approved person can use the workspace at a time. If the meeting room is available for an approved booking you may bring additional guests to this space, once permissions have been granted.

How long can I use a workspace?

AFTRS strives to make this opportunity available to as many AFTRS alumni as possible, therefore desk users may have access granted for up to one week as a general limit. This said, the period of access might be extended if the space is available so long as it is understood that a new request may take precedence.

Do I need a current project?

No, the space is available to screen practitioners for a wide variety of screen-based projects and non-project based activities.

Do I need to be an AFTRS alumnus?

Yes, you must have graduated from an AFTRS award course to be considered part of AFTRS alumni and to be eligible to use the space. Other industry practitioners may be eligible to apply for a space through Screen NSW or Screen QLD.

Do I need to have insurance?

All applicants granted access to Charlie’s via AFTRS will be required to provide proof of appropriate travel insurance or other appropriate business insurance which includes but is not limited to cover for health and medical situations, property loss, theft, damage and destruction with an aggregate liability of at least AU $5 million or equivalent. (Average cost for single person travelling up to two weeks in the USA is $100).

How do I apply for a space?

  1. Download the application form below
  2. Complete and save your details
  3. Review your application
  4. Email as a PDF or Word document to: charlies.info@aftrs.edu.au

Please allow 7 working days for the initial application to be processed. If approved, then you will be asked to sign and return an agreement along with a photocopy of your valid passport, proof of your appropriate insurance, and a jpeg or equivalent photo.

Will I need to sign a contract?

Yes, successful applicants will enter into an agreement with AFTRS about their access to Charlie’s and the conditions of that access, which include complying with Raleigh Film & Television Studios Rules and Regulations.

You can download an example agreement and the Raleigh Film & Television Studios Rules and Regulations above.

I'm approved - What now?

An agreement will be drawn up and sent to you for signing. Once signed by all relevant parties, your personal information will be sent to AiF and your details will be added to their desk users list.