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COVID-19 Protocols

AFTRS is committed to a safe working and learning environment for everyone in our community. The Federal Government has announced a Roadmap to COVIDSafe Australia. AFTRS has developed a plan for COVIDSafe working and learning that is aligned to the national roadmap. The AFTRS plan sets out a return to on-campus working and learning that includes collaborative screen and radio production activities as well as accessing and using specialist equipment safely.

AFTRS will move between steps alongside changes in the national roadmap as announced by state and federal authorities, and then as determined by the AFTRS Executive. The descriptors of each step will be determined individually and phased in, over time. This phased approach enables a slow build-up of activity in the building to occur in order to ensure appropriate measures are in place so we can progress safely and minimising risk.

These guidelines and parameters will be reviewed by AFTRS Executive weekly and revised in accordance with changing circumstances.

Developed by industry sector task forces, the Australian Screen Industry COVIDSafe Guidelines and Radio and Podcast Industry COVIDSafe Studio Principles have been set out to provide support and assistance to all industry practitioners. Incorporating information set out in these guidelines, AFTRS has developed the AFTRS COVIDSafe Guidelines & Production Protocols to support and assist all students and staff in eliminating and minimising the risks related to the transmission of COVID-19 while undertaking Screen and Radio activities at AFTRS.

AFTRS will continue to support, however possible, the screen and broadcast sector and the wider community.

Australian Screen Industry COVID-Safe Guidelines

The COVID-Safe Guidelines have been developed by an Australian Screen Sector Task Force and are intended to provide support and assistance to all practitioners (from screen producers to individual workers) in the Australian screen production industry.

Members of the Australian Screen Sector Task Force have revised the COVID-Safe Guidelines to reflect the current Australian landscape in relation to the ongoing pandemic, and learning from the past two years of production in Australia and internationally.


These updated Guidelines are to be used by screen productions as a framework to develop their own COVID-Safe risk mitigation plan prior to commencing work. As situations and circumstances can rapidly change, we stress that productions seek their own independent safety and legal advice appropriate to their individual production/s.

For enquiries relating to this document please email COVID.guidelines@screenaustralia.gov.au


Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
Australian Directors’ Guild
Australian Film Television and Radio School
Endemol Shine Australia
Fremantle Australia
Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance
Screen NSW
Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)
Screen Australia
Screen Canberra
Screen Queensland
Screen Tasmania
Screen Territory
Screen West
Screen Producers Australia
South Australian Film Corporation

Radio and Podcast Industry COVID-Safe Studio Principles

COVID-Safe Studio Principles have been developed by a sector-wide Australian Radio Industry task force to support industry to produce live and pre-recorded content safely while COVID-19 restrictions and containment measures are in place.
These Safe Studio Principles offer up-to-date, practicable advice, drawing on a range of resources and consultation with the federal Chief Medical Officer team. It is still the responsibility of each station to ensure they are taking reasonable and practical steps to safeguard their talent and production teams.



The Chief Medical Officers Department, Australian Department of Health
Commercial Radio Australia
The Australian Film Radio and Television School
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation
First Nations Media Australia
Community Media Training Organisation
Community Broadcasting Association of Australia

AFTRS COVID-Safe Guidelines & Production Protocols

The AFTRS COVID-Safe Guidelines & Production Protocols incorporate information set out in the Australian Screen Production Industry’s COVID-Safe Guidelines, which have been developed through guidance provided by the National Screen Sector Round Table and Safe Work Australia. The AFTRS COVID-Safe Guidelines & Production Protocols are designed to support and assist all students and staff in eliminating and minimising the risks related to the transmission of COVID-19 while undertaking Screen and Radio activities at AFTRS.

AFTRS COVID-Safe Guidelines & Production Protocols

For further information, please contact us on 1300 223 877 or at info@aftrs.edu.au.