Rick Charnoski is a lifelong skateboarder, artist and filmmaker based in Los Angeles.

Afterthe underground success of his first documentary film (shot on super 8mm), Fruit of the Vine (2000), he and lifelong collaborator Buddy Nichols founded the independent production company, Six Stair, which operates under the same DIY ethics of the subculture that raised them. They’ve made countless shorts, worked with Vans, Converse, Anti-Hero, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, NeilYoung and Pearl Jam inter alia, had programs screened internationally from MIFF to New York’s MoMA and in 2008 made the feature documentary Deathbowl To Downtown narrated by Chloe Sevigny.

He has subsequently worked with not only skate icons such as Tony Hawk, Steve Olson and Arto Saari, but notably filmmakers Gus Van Sant and DoPs Chris Doyle and Christopher Blauvelt. He’s currently writing his first low budget feature film, Warm Blood, which he will direct inspired by the short graphic novel Teen Book. Rick is -back - in Melbourne for the Under The Wire events for the Melbourne Festival where two of his works will be projected onto / around the Caulfield campus of Monash University with fellow filmmaker, Amiel Courtin-Wilson.

Rickwill discuss how to make films by any means necessary with host James Hewison.

*after the discussion, please join Rick and James at the UNDER THE WIRE event>

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Rick Charnoski Bio:

Focusingon the shadowy realms of worlds often inaccessible to mainstream citizens,Charnoski’s unique narrative style has documented the undercurrents oflife with an integrity that has earned the respect of viewer and subject alike.  

Charnoskibegan documenting skateboarding and its insular and often gritty community withhis friend Coan Nichols in 1998.  After the underground success of theirfirst documentary film, Fruit of the Vine (2000),they founded the independent production company, Six Stair, which operates underthe same DIY ethics of the subculture that raised them.  

Aftercatching the eye of renowned DP Christopher Doyle for their specialty in Super8mm filmmaking, Charnoski and Nichols lent their lens skills to Gus Van Sant’s ParanoidPark (2007).  They have since worked with a wide range of respectedartists and filmmakers including Cameron Crowe, Richard Serra, Peter Beard, andJulian Schnabel, as well as on commercial projects for Vans, Nike, Converse,Mountain Dew and the Gold Effie Award winning Ouch! campaign for Tylenol.

Theirdocumentary work includes Tent City (2003),which followed San Francisco’s notorious Anti Hero skate teamthroughout Australia; Pearl Jam‘s Vote for Change (2004),capturing the band’s tour across America mobilizing the youth vote; the featurelength Deathbowl to Downtown (2009),chronicling the history of skateboarding in New York City and narrated by ChloeSevigny; and hundreds of shorts that map out the stories of a culture infamousfor its caginess and commitment to authenticity. 

In2006 and 2013 respectively, Nichols and Charnoski were invited to MelbourneInternational Film Festival and MoMA, NYC to screen retrospectives of theirwork. They have also hosted and screened their work at a variety of festivals,Museums and events throughout America,  the Netherlands,  Germany, Taiwan,  Australia and Japan. 

In2012 Charnoski teamed up with Amiel Courtin-Wilson to work on the award-winningfeature film, Ruin, throughout the chaos ofPhnom Penh, Cambodia.  It was on this project that Charnoski andCourtin-Wilson recognized a shared love of a particularly spontaneous approachtoward filmmaking and they began co-writing WarmBlood with long time friend, James Hewison.


"A night with an All Star and an all Aussie Rom-Com “The cars are fast, the burnouts furious, the bums bare, the portaloos exploding and the beer flowing in our first look at Aussie movie Spin Out.” - Herald Sun

Pop on down to AFTRS this Friday night as Friday On My Mind host Giles Hardie chats with legendary Aussie comedian turned director Tim Ferguson about his new Aussie comedy feature Spin Out. After the Q&A with Ferguson showing a free advanced screening of the film itself our main theatre.

Cinema has truly proved the final frontier for Tim Ferguson who this week delivers a ute-filled romantic comedy, Spin Out, that puts the car into cardiac affairs.

Ferguson first made a name for himself as a charmingly foul mouthed yet ingeniously witty member of comedy trio The Doug Anthony All Stars. He has since written, performed and produced for television - from DAAS Kapital for the ABC to Don't Forget Your Toothbrush for Nine - penned a novel and a memoir tracking his life with multiple sclerosis, and has even taught comedy around the country. Now he has a film that he has co-written and co-directed. All produced while reviving the All Stars to tour around the world.

Did Ferguson's model breaking anarchic comedy background inform his film more than the comedy rules he identified and taught as a teacher? Come and hear Ferguson in conversation discuss the journey to becoming a filmmaker and then see Spin Out for you right after.

SPIN OUT: was written by Tim Ferguson & Edwina Exton. Ferguson will also direct with legendary filmmaker Marc Gracie. It’s an irresistible ode to a distinctly Australian slice of life.

It follows a slow-burning attraction between two long-time friends, Billy (Xavier Samuel) and Lucy (Morgan Griffin) – both in denial over their inescapable desire for each other. But as change beckons, they must confront their feelings amidst the backdrop of their town’s Ute Muster and annual B&S Ball…or go their separate ways. SPIN OUT will make us laugh, cry and even cheer, with some of the most electrifying UTE ‘circle work’ action ever captured on-screen.

Check out the Spin Out trailer.

HOST: Giles Hardie


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  • 6:00pm start
  • First in best dressed.


Friday on My Mind is a series of FREE talks* curated and hosted by AFTRS where cinephiles, industry, students and film-lovers alike can soak up some creative mind fuel - supplied by some of the best and brightest in the screen arts and broadcast industries.

Running since 2008 at AFTRS Sydney, with a Melbourne edition, held at ACMI, introduced in 2012 Friday on My Mind generally runs from early March to the end of October each year.

  • All past sessions can be reviewed in the 'Previous Guests' tab, at the bottom of this page.
  • Edited transcripts of many Friday on My Mind sessions are available in the School's self-published journal LUMINA and here on the AFTRS website to review.

Go to the LUMINA section of this site to search the article list for published Friday on My Mind interviews


*Attendees of Friday on My Mind must be aged 16 and up. Generally material shown and discussed is 15+ and if on the occasion R rated content is shown warnings will be given in advance.


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