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Ask Me Anything: Master of Arts Screen with Postgraduate Course Leader, Susan Danta

AFTRS Postgraduate Course Leader Susan Danta answers all your burning questions about the Master of Arts Screen (offered in 10 disciplines) and the Master of Arts Screen: Business and Leadership.

Applications for the 2020 intake close Monday 14 October. Find out more about the Master of Arts Screen here.


0:17 What are the disciplines offered in the Master of Arts Screen?
0:34 What are you looking for in an application?
1:17 Do I have to choose a discipline when I’m applying?
1:37 What if I’m struggling to choose between two disciplines? Can I apply for one and then change half-way through the course?
2:24 How competitive is it to get in?
3:33 How much industry experience do I need?
3:58 Can I apply for a scholarship?
4:34 What does the selection process look like?
5:15 What’s the difference between Master of Arts Screen:Producing and the Master of Arts Screen: Business and Leadership (MASBL)?
6:03 Why should I choose AFTRS over other film schools?
7:08 What are the facilities and resources like?
7:40 How much access will I get to my mentor?
8:12 How small are your small classes?
9:03 What’s the breakdown between theory and practice in the course?
9:39 What’s the delivery of the course? How many days should I be expected to be studying each week?
10:10 What does the course actually look like in terms of classes?
11:00 What should we expect from our cohort?
11:46 Will I be given a budget or equipment for my final project?
12:52 Will I be able to make a feature film as part of the course?
13:38 What job opportunities will graduating from the course provide?
14:33 What are you doing to encourage women to join the industry?
15:26 How do I get in touch with one of the Heads of Discipline?
15:53 Is it possible to take a tour of the campus?
16:14 How can I find out if AFTRS is the right fit for me?