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Creating Healthy Workplaces

Concerned about how to take care of your team as the screen sector gets back into production? Unsure of the best ways to implement mental health measures as required for your COVID-Safe risk mitigation plan? Do you need help finding resources to support you with these matters? Then this seminar is for you.

Demonstrate leadership when creating a psychologically safe workplace within your production company or production team, no matter how big or small.

The fact is, that Australian screen workers have a good track record at implementing measures to ensure the physical safety of our teams. However, our track record in ensuring the mental health and wellbeing of those teams is a lot less impressive, yet the ROI and proven production benefits of these measures is huge.

The good news though, is right now, we have the opportunity to push the ‘reset button’ and implement a new framework for creating psychologically safe workplaces and designing the future of how we work together.

This seminar will be run as an interactive “creative lab” from 2pm-5.30pm and will be delivered online in 45-minute blocks with rest breaks built in and having you walk away with a really clear strategy and actions for your team.

Discounts are available for bookings of three or more attendees in the seminar. To get this discount please phone AFTRS Short Courses on 1300 223 877.

How to implement a framework for a psychologically safe workplace, positioning your business as a leader in the ‘future of work’ conversation

How to effectively integrate strategies for meeting COVID-Safe requirements on mental health and wellbeing into your production, and your business; including training and support resources available

How to design a workplace culture that instils health and wellbeing values organically for future growth and increased joy

Why go to this seminar?

The landscape in which Australian screen businesses are run has changed significantly in the past decade. We are now required to operate with a greater degree of awareness about the impact of healthy workplace cultures, including COVID-Safe Guidelines, but also under more intense scrutiny from industry bodies and financing partners. As already busy Producers, Creatives and Business Owners the pressure to balance mandatory compliance with healthy workplace cultures can be overwhelming. This half day professional development seminar will help you address critical elements of implementing these measures. It will show you how to go beyond compliance and demonstrate leadership when creating a psychologically safe workplace and culture of wellness within your production company or production team, no matter how big or small.

You should do this course if you would like to:

  1. Gain knowledge and support on how to implement the human element of change, creating a healthy workplace culture that will ensure mental health and wellbeing policies are successful. Including, how to address barriers to integration and understanding the importance of self-care and self-responsibility for all team members.
  2. Learn how to identify team members who may not be tracking well and gain confidence in responding and delegating the matter to an appropriately trained individual to assist that person.
  3. Gain knowledge and insight on how to find additional resources for training and support in this area, as well as where to look for grants and funding to finance these activities. You’ll be surprised at how effective low cost (or no cost) changes can be.


This seminar is part of the Short, Sharp and Immediately Useful series of professional development seminars at AFTRS. Learn about about the other seminars in the series here.

Meet the presenters

Kyla Tustin

Kyla is a resilience, play, positive psychology, mindfulness, self-led leadership, and emotional intelligence wellness expert. After the loss of a…

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Margaret Tillson

Margaret Tillson is a Creative Business Consultant, Independent Producer and owner of Front and Centre Media. She has worked at…

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What you will need

As this Seminar is delivered entirely online via Zoom video you will need to have access to a good Internet connection, a computer with built in camera and microphone and a quiet space to participate. Great to wear headphones if you can. Once you are enrolled we will send out instructions for participation.

There will also be some recommended pre-reading prior to the day and recommended pre-viewing of the documentary The Show Must Go On.

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