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Managing Creative Teams

Managing Creative teams: What to do when everyone hates the director and the editor has barricaded the door.

Managing a group of creative people can be challenging. How often have you been tasked with handling a creative conflict? Or are no longer doing the work yourself but, instead, having to provide an effective creative brief and feedback to others? Perhaps you have never previously had the time or opportunity to focus on developing your people management skills? Or are you a creative manager looking to grow a team member into a leadership position?

Managing Creative teams provides Short, Sharp and Immediately Useful advice, tools and techniques specifically tailored to the unique needs of those managing people in the creative industries. In this seminar we will cover:

  • managing difficult conversations;
  • providing an effective brief;
  • giving and receiving constructive feedback;
  • tips for establishing productive team communication;
  • real-world case studies and examples.

You will be exposed to a new set of techniques and tools to test and develop as you determine your own unique creative people management style.

If you are unable to attend the actual session but would like access to the recording afterwards, enrol below and we’ll send out a link after the session. Please note the recording is only available for one week after the session.

Discounts are available for bookings of three or more attendees in the seminar. To get this discount please phone AFTRS Short Courses on 1300 223 877.

Learn how to manage difficult conversations at work and give and receive constructive feedback

Get tips to establish productive team communication, with real world case studies and examples

Get skills in providing an effective brief, in an effort to avoid conflict later in the production

Why go to this seminar?

You may be a senior post producer, EP, series producer, production manager, production designer, Director, VFX supervisor or manager running a creative team, industry organisation or guild. You have probably found yourself in a leadership position because you are good at your job – but you’ve had very little management or leadership training. If you are involved in the creative industries and have to manage other people in any capacity, this seminar will be invaluable.


This seminar is part of the Short, Sharp and Immediately Useful series of professional development seminars at AFTRS. See our other seminars here.

Meet the presenters

Krista Jordan

Krista Jordan has over twenty years professional industry experience in creative and commercial filmmaking. Her professional film credits include The Matrix,…

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Dee Brown

Dee Brown is a trusted HR, People and Culture professional with over 15 years’ experience working in media & entertainment,…

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The seminar runs from 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm. Discounts are available for bookings of three or more attendees in the seminar.

To get this discount please phone AFTRS Short Courses on 1300 223 877.

Afternoon tea is included in the price.