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Storyboarding Fundamentals

Image: Amy Clarke Films

The skill of visual storytelling though storyboarding is a hugely valuable, sought-after ability. It has broad application across animation, VFX and live action film, TV and TVC production. In this two-day workshop you will be introduced to the skills required to effectively translate a script – or a treatment – into a clear and comprehensive visual story (storyboard).

The course will cover, in very broad strokes, composition, shot flow, screen direction, camera placement and the importance of film language, sound effects and music during storyboarding. Also included are insights into where the storyboard artists fit into the contemporary industry and where there are opportunities for career development. It will also give an insight into how storyboarding and its application is a valuable addition to the professional development of directors and visual storytelling professionals and how screenwriters can benefit from an understanding of storyboarding as a tool for lean story development and pitching.

Learn how storyboarding can contribute to the success of all forms of visual storytelling

Get the basic skills and learn the terminology to start storyboarding

An introduction to the most commonly used software Storyboard Pro, as well as using paper and pen

Is Storyboarding Fundamentals right for you?

If you are interested in pursuing a career in animation, storyboarding skills are an animation fundamental. This introductory course will provide your first steps to developing as a storyboard artist.

If you are not sure about a career in storyboarding, but would like to develop value added skills and knowledge in the area to apply them in other roles (eg Director, Visual Effects Supervisor, Screenwriter) or disciplines away from traditional animation, you’ll also find this course very useful.

During the two days you’ll meet industry professionals who will share their insights. You will also participate in practical tutorials and demonstrations.

This course for participants 18+ only.

Meet Your Tutors

Donald Walker

Donald Walker has been employed in the animation industry for over 20 years. After graduating from the Animation program of…

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What you will need

While preferable, drawing skill is not completely necessary to be a storyboarding artist – technology will take you a fair way down the path. A positive inclination towards visual storytelling skills is, however, important. Being able to work in a team, work quickly and be a creative problem solver are also key attributes.

If you have a laptop with Storyboard Board Pro installed- good idea to bring it along. A free trial of the software is available here.

Most exercises in this course however will be done with pen and paper which we will supply.

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