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Teens Stop Motion: Grades 7-9

Learn how to create wire claymation characters and create a stop motion film. Explore Character Design, story and timing, as well as special effects. Green screen and compositing techniques will give your story limitless possibilities.

Plan, create and film a short stop motion film

Develop wire armatures and green-screen techniques to make your characters and miniature sets

Spend a day in the computer lab, compositing, editing, and adding sound design to make the most of your story.

Teens Stop Motion: Grades 7-9 Offerings


17 Dec 2019 to 19 Dec 2019
Tue-Thu 9:30am-5:00pm

Early Bird Course Price:

This is the standard course price and includes the early bird discount as it currently more than 28 days from commencement of the course.

AFTRS, Building 130, The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park NSW 2021

For more information call 1300 131 461, or register for future offerings.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: A signed consent form is required for all students under 18, otherwise they cannot participate in the course.