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Ella Colley

Lecturer – Producing

Ella Colley is a creative producer who specialises in digital content for impact campaigns. Her work has been seen by millions of people worldwide, and is informed by over 10 years of experience in environmental and education organisations.

Ella is a Producing Lecturer at AFTRS and the Creative Campaigner at Greenpeace Australia Pacific, where she leads the production of photo and video content for campaigns. Ella is comfortable working across all aspects of digital content production and does some of her best work on projects with small teams and budgets. She has designed and taught participatory media workshops for students of all ages.

Ella has a BA International Studies from RMIT University and an MA in International Affairs and Media from the New School in New York City. Her master’s thesis explored the use of interactive documentaries for social impact projects, and Ella was awarded with the prize for her graduating class. While in New York, Ella worked for PBS Digital Studios web series BrainCraft, producing both short weekly episodes as well as a 35 minute BrainCraft documentary, supported by Screen Australia’s Skip Ahead initiative.

Ella was born and raised in Sydney, and has worked and studied in the USA, Brazil and Mexico. She speaks conversational Spanish and Portuguese.