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Kyla Tustin

Seminar presenter

Kyla is a resilience, play, positive psychology, mindfulness, self-led leadership, and emotional intelligence wellness expert. After the loss of a close friend to suicide, she quit a successful investment banking career to undertake her mission to create lives that truly matter through designing kinder and more connected workplaces.

Over the last decade she has worked with thousands of clients, leaders and workshop participants, sharing her Elevate Your Connection, Wellness and Culture programs spanning across most top tier corporations and industries, including media, entertainment, film + TV, banking, education, schools and universities.

Kyla’s uniquely person-centred experiences playfully teach science backed wellness, mood, mindset and resilience elevation tools and techniques. Supporting teams and senior leaders to embed practical “coaching” solutions, aimed at reducing stress, suicide, anxiety, depression and other mental, emotional and physical health issues within our schools, homes and workplaces.

In 2012, her International Coaching, Consulting and Facilitating experience, took her into partnership with HSG, Australia’s No.1 Provider of Corporate Wellness Services, as their key program creator and trainer of top wellness industry speakers, coaches, and facilitators. As a key change and wellness advocate for the Mental Health Industry she is also a member of Sydney’s Northern Beaches Council Suicide Prevention committee and spoke at the first ever Screen Forever “The Show Must Go On” Wellness Panel with Sue Maslin and Entertainment Assist in 2019.