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Industry Skills Survey

Graduate Industry Showcase 2019

What skills and training do you need?

AFTRS is the national creative education and training institution for the screen and broadcast industries. Over 45 years, we have built capacities across the sector by finding, developing and supporting Australian storytelling talent.

In a constantly changing and global media landscape, the triennial AFTRS Industry Survey is designed to identify immediate priorities as well as signpost future needs and trends. It’s essential that we identify the necessary skills, knowledge and talent needed to ensure our Industry’s future growth and innovation.

AFTRS conducted an industry skills survey in 2016 and has just completed the 2019 survey. We will soon publish the results of the survey.

This survey was built by SARA (Screen Audience Research Australia), who will also report on the results.

Congratulations to the 5 lucky survey respondents who have each won a $200 short course voucher:

Tomas Donela
Lucca Barone-Peters
Jenny Burrow
Peter Davidson
Cody Cameron-Brown