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AFTRS Alumni and Industry Scholarship Fund

Help us support the next generation of Australian storytellers

AFTRS has established the Alumni and Industry Fund to support diverse voices. We invite you to contribute so that we can change the lives of talented creatives facing adversity.

The fund will contribute to future scholarships, including the inaugural Alumni and Industry Scholarship, developed to support the creative journey of a diverse new voice joining AFTRS in 2024.

For enquiries and to donate, email us at donations@aftrs.edu.au.


About the fund


AFTRS alumni are a dynamic community of over 500 practitioners, advocates and supporters who are invested in the future of Australian stories. They are a diverse group spread across all areas of the industry and working all over the world.

AFTRS is committed to ensuring that its world-leading education is available to all Australians. We have found that the main obstacle to taking up study is the financial burden of tuition and Sydney’s ever-rising living costs.

Following consultations with the Alumni Advisory Group, AFTRS has established the Fund for the benefit of future students of AFTRS.

Donations + funding

AFTRS invites all alumni and Industry to consider donating to the AFTRS Alumni and Industry Fund with a one-off donation, workplace giving, annual donations or by a bequest.

AFTRS’ goal is to raise $50,000 for the fund in 2023, with $25,000 of that going to the inaugural Alumni and Industry Scholarship, and the remaining funds to contribute to other opportunities for future AFTRS students.


The Alumni and Industry Scholarship

In 2024, the inaugural Alumni and Industry Scholarship will be awarded to support the creative journey of a new diverse voice facing financial hardship applying for the Master of Arts Screen Course. Eligible to students of the 2024 intake, the scholarship will provide a $25,000 contribution towards a student’s living expenses, relocation costs, study resources and/or other costs.