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Aunty Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor

Elder in Residence

Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor is a 70-year-old Gadigal/Bidgigal/Yuin Elder and Traditional Descendant from the Sydney (Warrane) and saltwater basin and the South Coast of NSW. She is the daughter of First Nations activist and advocate, Dr Charles “Chicka” Dixon, who was an MUA union activist and our family are also proud lifelong members.

Dixon is an Academic currently in the 2nd year of her Masters at UTS ‘How to study respectfully on Gadigal/Bidgigal land and Protocols’ where she has lectured for the past four years. This Creative Research Masters will be developed into an Education Module.

Dixon has over 50 years’ experience in the performing arts having received a scholarship to UCLA and she also has experience within the theatre sector as a writer, actor, collaborator and consultant.

Dixon is a compassionate advocate in the fields of social and environmental justice and human rights self-determination, decolonisation, self-governance, community strengthening and cultural revitalisation for the future generations.

In her capacity as the Elder in Residence at AFTRS Dixon draws on the many years of her cultural, political, historical knowledge and advocacy.

She is passionate about bringing and sharing her unique skills knowledge and expertise to AFTRS and our future leaders and also learning from them.

Art, storytelling, music, dance, theatre and film are all-powerful mediums to change the world.

Dixon is a Cultural Storyteller.