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Industry and Alumni Building Use

To support the creative initiatives and endeavours of our alumni and the broader industry, we offer the use of our facilities, subject to availability and certain criteria.

If you are an eligible industry member or an AFTRS alumnus, you may apply to use the —

  • Foyer
  • Theatre
  • Meeting rooms
  • Teaching rooms

Send your enquiry and/or completed application form to industryuse@aftrs.edu.au

Use of the building is at AFTRS’ discretion and will depend on –

  • Availability and suitability of requested spaces for the proposed use;
  • Restrictions placed on building use by current COVID-Safe guidelines
  • Whether the intended use encourages industry engagement with AFTRS
  • Whether AFTRS students and staff can attend;
  • The reasonable availability of alternative commercial facilities if the use is for a commercial purpose;
  • How the use benefits and/or supports the alumnus or industry member making the request;
  • Whether approval of the use could adversely affect alternate facilities providers; and
  • whether the use could involve activities AFTRS considers likely to be illegal, inappropriate, or in direct conflict with AFTRS’ mission, goals or values, and bring AFTRS into disrepute.

AFTRS may impose charges for ancillary costs, such as projectionist hire, additional security, COVID-19 screening, and cleaning.

AFTRS does not undertake commercial hires for any of our spaces or equipment. If you are interested in talking to us about partnering on events, research, or sponsorships, please email marketing@aftrs.edu.au or call 1300 223 877.