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Diversity and inclusion

Talent Camp 2017

To ensure the Australian Film Television and Radio School reflects Australian society, diversity is supported across all of the School’s activities, with a focus on supporting the best talent, from all backgrounds, into careers in the industry and applying best practice in diversity initiatives. AFTRS’ scholarships program has been expanded to allow as many individuals as possible to access the education, training and employment opportunities the AFTRS has to offer.

For entry to the Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production, a targeted admissions scheme is currently being implemented. First Nations applicants who submit proof of Aboriginality to the Student Centre are eligible for a specified adjustment factor, determined each year, in addition to your raw application score. Both your raw application score and the adjustment factor will be combined to give you an overall, adjusted application score.

Inclusive Pathways Framework

Commissioned by AFTRS, this research looks at best practice in building diversity in the screen industry. The paper surveys the current landscape in Australia and internationally and offers recommendations to ensure underrepresented groups are provided opportunity and access to the industry. The current conversation on the lack of diversity and inclusion in the media is not a new one. It’s a conversation that’s been going on in Australia for more than 20 years.

The research has been encouraging as there are a lot of good schemes and people who have made a difference. We also spoke to people about the barriers they feel are stopping underrepresented groups from entering the industry to better understand how to dismantle them.

The research makes it clear that there is no easy answer and no short-term fixes, however, and that a cohesive and comprehensive industry approach needs to be implemented to develop careers from school onwards.