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AFTRS’ Corporate Strategy

Creating the Future, AFTRS’ five-year corporate strategy, reinforces the national screen and broadcast school’s commitment to three principles: National Reach, Excellence and Sustainability.

The National Reach principle commits AFTRS to embedding First Nations culture, knowledge and values across the School, creating opportunities for under-represented talent across Australia to fulfil their creative dreams and goals, and providing flexible models of delivery that allow its learning and resources to be accessible to people through both online and face-to-face learning across Australia.

The five-year plan defines the second principle, Excellence, as AFTRS serving and enriching the creative community and generating the new knowledges the screen and broadcast industry needs to stay at the forefront of global innovation and best practice. AFTRS will work hand in hand with industry partners across Australia to provide future-looking learning ​​experiences that offer pathways to lifelong careers in the screen and broadcast industries.

National Reach and Excellence require the School to be sustainable – for staff, students and the industry AFTRS serves. The principle of Sustainability places humans at the heart of everything the School does, creating a future that is full of possibility for creative growth, innovation and connection.