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Radio & Podcasting

Explore Radio & Podcasting: This course produces creative radio professionals capable of shaping the future of the Australian broadcast and podcast industry.

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Get a great job in radio

AFTRS’ flagship radio course, the Graduate Diploma in Radio, produces creative radio professionals who will shape the future of the Australian broadcast and podcast industry.

Create compelling content

Deliver compelling content for radio and digital platforms as you fast-track your broadcast and podcasting career.

Learn in AFTRS’ state-of-the-art studios

Learn in AFTRS’ state-of-the-art digital studios and build key contacts as you work alongside industry professionals.

Make friends for life

Build an ongoing professional network in an immersive, highly collaborative environment.

Career opportunities

AFTRS’ Graduate Diploma in Radio is designed specifically to meet the needs of the Australian radio and podcast industry and is firmly based in practical craft development. The course is structured around analysis of broadcast, podcast, online and multi-platform theory. You will learn about current practices and future trends in radio and podcasting and graduate qualified to work in commercial or public radio. Nearly 100% of graduates of this course are employed shortly after graduating and many go on to win radio awards nationally and internationally and are in leadership roles in the industry both on air and behind the scenes.

Meet Your Tutors

All our teachers have comprehensive industry experience and can introduce you to extensive professional networks.

Jess Campanaro

Jessica Campanaro is a media professional with 16 years experience. An accomplished radio journalist, news reader and editor, Jess spent 10…

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Dani Torresan

Dani Torresan has been working in Commercial Radio for over 20 years, as an Announcer, Producer and Voice-over Artist. She…

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Tony Rasmussen

Tony is an experienced radio professional with a rich and varied experience in broadcasting and multimedia across a 40 year…

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