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Introductory Short Courses

AFTRS offers a range of introductory short courses taught by Australia’s best and brightest industry experts, covering a range of disciplines and areas in the film, television, radio and creative industries.

Designed for the absolute beginner, AFTRS’ introductory courses will give you key knowledge, skills and hands-on experience that you can apply straight away. Whether you want to launch your career in screen and broadcast, pick up a new skill, or dive into a new craft, AFTRS has plenty of offerings that will help you get familiar with your chosen area.

Our introductory courses are open to those aged 16+, offering a perfect early introduction to the industry, and an opportunity to learn new skills.

AFTRS offers courses online and on-campus at our state-of-the-art facilities in Moore Park.


Introductory courses


Intro to VFX & 3D Animation

Get to know the processes, terminology, workflow and jobs behind contemporary digital post-production, visual effects and animation

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Intro to Volume Studio Basics

This seminar style course offers an easy to understand introduction to the craft and practice of Virtual Production.

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Intro to Directing

A three-week online course for anyone who wants to learn more about the responsibilities and workflow of the film and television director.

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Intro to Screenwriting

Hands-on methods for building the foundations of character, story and structure used by professional screenwriters.

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Intro to Producing & Screen Business

The AFTRS Intro to Producing and Screen Buisness course familiarises you with the roles and workflow of a producer in the contemporary screen media l...

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Intro to Documentary

Get an introduction to the world of making documentary and factual TV, and learn how to start moving your documentary ideas into production.

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Introduction to the Production Office

This self-paced AFTRS short course peeks behind the door and explores the inner workings of the production team of a scripted live-action project.

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Introduction to Production Design for Film and Screen

Explores the craft of production design and what it means to be a production designer for film and screen.

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Introduction to Assistant Directing

Discover what it takes to be a first assistant director and learn about the skills required to be successful in this pivotal screen production role.

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