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Research and Development

Behind the scenes of 'How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?' | Dir. Simon Croker | Photo: Serena Siow

A deep understanding of your own creative practice and process is a key foundation of a strong and successful career in the Screen Industries. In Research and Development, one of the core subjects in the Master of Arts Screen program, students will work to identify, establish and articulate their own creative voice through the conceptualisation and development of a substantive creative work and a supporting research project.

Across the two years students will explore the key ideas and influences that shape their screen practice, and critically reflect on the strengths, weaknesses and idiosyncrasies of their own creative process. In seminars and workshops students will learn about creative practice research and principles of creativity, with Guest Talks by experienced practitioners and researchers. In small group incubators and mentor sessions they will build on this learning to identify an emerging area of interest that they will explore through practice-based and secondary research. Through creative exercises they will begin to articulate and reflect on their creative practice, and develop and test their capstone and research ideas. At the end of the two years students will submit their capstone work, along with an audio, video, web or written exegesis that discusses the capstone project, the creative decision-making process, and the student’s research in relation to their creative practice. Students are encouraged to experiment, innovate and take creative risks as they conceptualise, develop and realise their capstone and research projects.

You will learn to:

  • Reflect on who you are as a creative practitioner through the development and creation of screen work
  • Explore and articulate an area of research that informs and drives your practice
  • Contextualise your practice in screen arts culture



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Become a multi-skilled content creator and develop your voice as an Australian screen storyteller.

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Master of Arts Screen

The Master of Arts Screen, vailable in 10 disciplines, offers shared subjects in screen studies, research & development, deep discipline learning and cross-disciplinary projects to allow you develop a dynamic and multi-faceted skill-set.