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Digital Futures Summit

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AFTRS’ Digital Futures Summit series brings together Australian and international screen and broadcast industry leaders with educators and government in discussions on collaborating, adapting and capitalising on technological changes.

The series explores how technology has — and will continue to — shape the future of work, education, training and creative opportunities across the industry.


Details on our next Digital Futures Summit are coming soon.


15 Sep – Audio: Connectivity, Community and Audience

In our third edition of AFTRS’ Digital Futures Summit series, Audio: Community, Connectivity and Audience, we brought together the big brains in audio to talk about the intersection of sound, radio, and podcasting and the possibilities for connecting with audiences, old and new, in this world of digital disruption.

Visionaries and leaders from industry, education, and government sectors came together to discuss big questions facing Australia’s screen and broadcast industries in a global context.


17 Feb – The Business of Australia’s Digital Future

This summit focused on the future of business in the Australian screen and broadcast sector, zeroing in on business models and leadership to capitalise on the innovations and growth of the digital age.


14 Oct – Virtual Production

Held online, the first summit in AFTRS’ Digital Futures series looked at current and future practices and the opportunities that virtual production brings to the local industry. The summit explored how the industry can leverage digital technologies to “leapfrog” through change to accelerate growth opportunities.