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Master of Arts Screen

Fast-track Your Career in the Global Screen Industry


The Master of Arts Screen is a hands-on transformative learning experience. This two-year, full-time degree is designed to empower and enable future creative leaders of the screen industry and fast-track their careers.

Offered in 9 disciplines (Directing, Producing, Screenwriting, Cinematography, Editing, Production Design, Sound Design, Music, Documentary), the program includes shared subjects in screen studies, research and development, deep discipline learning and cross-disciplinary projects to allow students to develop a dynamic and multi-faceted skill set. An ongoing cycle of practical collaborations enables students to hone their skills, apply creative thinking to real-world scenarios and develop life-long partnerships.

The course culminates in the creation of major creative works, with students as heads of department, and strategically aligned research projects. During the course, each student will have the opportunity to undertake a short professional placement, which aims to support your transition into the industry upon graduation.

More information on Screen Studies

Advance your knowledge of screen principles and culture to enrich your development as a creative practitioner. You will have the opportunity to apply critical thinking and analysis skills to your engagement with form, style and genre across a range of screen-based media, including short film, features, television, online, and interactive. Screen Studies champions the importance of conceptual, creative, and cultural contexts to reflect on the broader significance of audience reception, cultural impact, and industry on screen practice. Through screenings, lectures and seminars, you will be exposed to a range of critical tools for studying screen media at a higher level with the aim to elevate screen practice. 

More information on Research and Development

These subjects will give you the opportunity to dive deep into creative screen practice by exploring how you as a practitioner can apply advanced discipline specific skills and contribute knowledge to an exciting ever changing and developing screen industry. You will develop and articulate a practice-based area of creative enquiry that will drive and focus your work over the program, culminating in the development of a substantive screen work and an accompanying exegesis.


A range of scholarships are available to successful applicants of the Master of Arts Screen; you will be prompted to apply for them following your submission.

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Develop your directing, storytelling and leadership skills with the Master of Arts Screen: Documentary.

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Learn how to apply different styles of music to screen narratives in the Master of Arts Screen: Music.

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Production Design

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The Master of Arts Screen: Screenwriting is designed to nurture the next wave of Australian screenwriters.

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Sound Design

In the Master of Arts Screen: Sound Design, you will explore sound as a means of driving narrative and building story worlds.

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