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Student handbook

The Student Handbook contains the policies and rules for students currently undertaking award course study at AFTRS. The Handbook contains the AFTRS Charter, Student Code of Conduct and sets out requirements for academic progression, and should be read in conjunction with your relevant Course or Subject Outline.

AFTRS code of conduct

This Charter is a commitment from all our staff and students that our school is a safe creative space to work in. It extends to our sets, locations, our classrooms and includes all interactions, including in person, phone-calls, texts and online.

It is a living document that will evolve and progress to meet the needs of the school, its staff and students.

We believe:

  • Our creativity is strengthened by contribution from people of all walks of Australian life.
  • Everyone should have the opportunity to develop and contribute their skills.
  • It is all of our responsibility to ensure these opportunities exist, and to remove obstacles to participation.
  • Leadership in creative practice requires ongoing learning.
  • Without the knowledge that we are safe, we cannot be bold or daring.

We commit to:

  • Share our knowledge generously
  • Ensure a diversity of content and ideas in our teaching, work and films.
  • Foster a culture that supports the pursuit of creative excellence free from any physical or psychological harm
  • Work in ways that support participation
  • Communicate clear processes for addressing problems
  • Appoint support officers
  • Maintain confidentiality where required.
  • Ensure consequences for breaches of the charter.
  • Maintain a zero-tolerance approach to behaviour that is discriminatory, bullying or harassment.