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COVID-19 Information


Revised COVIDSafe measures for working in the AFTRS building and hands-on learning and production activities:

  • Stay at home if you have any flu-like and/or COVID symptoms
  • Remain at home until symptoms subside and you are feeling well and symptom-free
  • Up-to-date vaccination is strongly recommended

Cast and crew are not required to wear masks nor observe the distance protocols previously required for hands-on learning and production activities. Vaccination certificates are no longer required to be sighted. We strongly encourage that common sense is used at all times, including the optional wearing of masks and personal hygiene when working closely with other crew and cast.

NSW Department of Health advice has changed regarding isolation periods at home. There is no mandated number of days to remain at home isolated. The advice is to remain at home until you no longer have any acute symptoms. For further information, see the NSW Department of Health website.



AFTRS is committed to a safe working and learning environment for everyone in our community. The most effective defence against the transmission of COVID-19 is for people who are unwell or have any symptoms to stay at home. Each of us has a responsibility to monitor our health and keep our community safe.



  • Masks are not mandatory in the AFTRS building, but we continue to strongly encourage their usage
  • Masks are available at reception