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Safety and security

Emergency contacts

  • Emergency services (Police, Fire, Ambulance) 000
  • Security at AFTRS (02) 9805 6577
  • Security at the Entertainment Quarter (02) 8117 6718
  • Entertainment Quarter contact number: (02) 8117 6700

What to do in an emergency

Call emergency services (Fire/Ambulance/Police) by dialling 000, then if after hours notify campus security on (02) 9805 6577 or during regular school hours call the Information Desk on (02) 9805 6611.

In the event of a building emergency during school hours:

  • Remain calm and follow instructions given by Wardens (white, yellow or red helmets)
  • Listen to the P.A announcements: If the alert tone has sounded (BEEP BEEP) do not use the lift and do not between floors. Follow instructions for that floor/area.
  • If an evacuation is required (WHOOP WHOOP) take only small personal items. Proceed directly to the designated assembly area. Do not leave the assembly area or re-enter the building until the “all clear” has been given by the Warden/responding authorities
  • The emergency assembly area is located at the bottom of the stairs in Heritage Park.

First Aid

  • If you are injured or feel unwell while at AFTRS, there are several qualified First Aid officers located around the building during regular school hours (Weekdays 9am-5pm).
  • Campus security are First Aid qualified and can assist outside of regular school hours (Weekdays 5pm-9pm and Weekends)
  • Current lists of the names of First Aid officers are located on the noticeboards throughout the building. Or, call the Information Desk on (02) 9805 6900.
  • First Aid kits are located in multiple locations around the campus.

Parking and accessing pick-up and drop-off areas

Roadways and parking areas in the precinct are governed by the same road rules that apply for motorists and cyclists everywhere in NSW. Centennial Parkland rangers patrol the precinct and issue fines for those tempted to park outside of the multi-level car park without authorisation to do so. Take care and respect the road rules if you are picking up or dropping of gear in and around AFTRS.

Lost property

Contact the Student Centre on (02) 9805 6444 if you have lost an item. If you find an item please hand it into the Student Centre.

Campus security

Campus security is on site out of regular school hours at night and weekends. They are here to assist with handling an emergency or safety threat and regularly patrol the building. Located at the reception desk between 5pm-9pm weekdays and they can be reached on (02) 9805 6577.

AFTRS security officers wear distinctive uniforms and are easy to identify.  You are encouraged to approach them if you need assistance. All campus security officers are certified to perform first aid. The Entertainment Quarter also has 24-hour on-site security and can be contacted on (02) 8117 6718.

Health and safety

All current students are required to be familiar with and comply with the School’s WHS policies and ensure their actions do not cause harm to themselves or others. All hazards, injuries and incidents are to be reported to centralservices@aftrs.edu.au

Building maintenance

If you notice an issue with the lifts, hoists or other building related matters send an email to building@aftrs.edu.au