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Career Pathways Survey

This survey focuses on career pathways in the film, TV, radio and screen industries.

We all know that the screen and broadcast industries are in a state of near-permanent change and disruption. As processes, practices and technologies have changed so too have the pathways people take to enter and progress through our industries. But what does this mean for new talent coming into our industry, for existing practitioners, for production companies seeking great people and for agencies looking to support this talent?

This survey, commissioned by AFTRS and conducted by SARA, has been developed in consultation with a range of industry organisations, with a goal to gather information about career paths in the Australian screen, broadcast and content industries.  The survey aims to capture a snapshot of where we are and what’s working well and less well, in order to be able to provide useful data and recommendations on how government agencies, higher education and private enterprise can better support practitioners in this new world.

We know that there are many challenges for emerging and early to mid-career practitioners to gain consistency of employment and to progress along their chosen path. But is this the case for everyone? What infrastructure is missing? Is it purely the nature of our industry, and do we all just have to accept the status quo?

We want to hear about your own career pathway – whether you have been in the industry for 20 years or two years. What helped you get your first break? What have been the challenges? What has changed?

The survey has a particular focus on training and attachments/placements and how film and creative media schools and government agencies can better support careers and talent development. But perhaps you think broadcasters, or SVODS, or ProdCos should be doing things differently?

The online survey will take 10 minutes of your time to complete. Please be assured that the information collected will be used for research purposes only. None of your personal details will be disclosed and will be held strictly confidential according to the Code of Professional Behaviour set out by The Research Society of Australia.

We would love to hear from you. Gathering experiences and insights from across the industry is critical to ensuring the success and use of this research. AFTRS will publish the findings later in 2021, with actions and recommendations for future policy and programs.

As a further incentive, you can choose to go into a draw to win a $500 voucher towards an AFTRS short course. The voucher is fully transferable, so you can also share it with a colleague or family member.