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AFTRS for Business


AFTRS for Business offers both short courses and customised training, showing you how to connect with any audience in new and exciting ways. Delivered online, in person, or a mixture of both, by outstanding industry practitioners who walk their talk. These courses empower you to tell better stories, whatever the medium, so you can connect with your audience, promote your business and inspire customers and employees. With virtual interactions now a key part of everyday life, we are uniquely placed to give your business an edge.



Do you have a specific need to sharpen your team’s existing skills or learn some new ones? Drawing on 50 years of globally recognised screen and broadcast storytelling and a deep understanding of audience, AFTRS delivers a transformative experience aligned to your organisation’s vision, values and objectives. We work with you to design a program that enables your organisation to facilitate new ideas and skills and improve both internal and external communication. AFTRS can train at scale, with extensive experience in clients with several thousand employees, through to smaller specialist teams.

For customised course enquiries, please call 1300 223 877 or email business@aftrs.edu.au.

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Link to Media Skills
Media Skills

Learn how to represent your brand and navigate media interactions with finesse.

Link to Presentation Skills
Presentation Skills

Whether you’re presenting online or in-person, master the skills to present with confidence and keep your audience engaged.

Link to Mobile Content Creation
Mobile Content Creation

Learn how to shoot and edit quality video with your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Link to Brief to Script to Great Video
Brief to Script to Great Video

Improve your script and brief writing skills for corporate videos, digital marketing, social, or client/customer information videos.

Link to Storytelling for Business
Storytelling for Business

Discover the power of storytelling that engages attention, invites empathy and will help you deliver an irresistible call to action.

Link to Podcasting for your Brand
Podcasting for your Brand

Learn how to build an audience and strengthen your brand using audio, and master the skills required to produce and publish branded podcast content.