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Tania Lambert ACS

Master of Arts: Film & Television - Cinematography, 2008

Tania Lambert ACS is a cinematographer who has worked across features, television drama, commercials, music videos and documentary. Her television credits include The Moodys, Kiki and Kitty, Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am and The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting as well as web series such as Patricia Moore, written and directed by fellow graduate Blake Fraser.

The winner of several Australian Cinematographers Society awards, Tania received her ACS accreditation in 2018 and has recently worked as second-unit cinematographer on The Gloaming for Stan and Wakefield for the ABC.

Her feature credits include Rip Tide and Here Out West, an anthology film directed by fellow alumni Julie Kalceff and Lucy Gaffy among others.



Meeting an amazing group of talented people with whom I continue to collaborate, and who support each other through the highs and lows. Also shooting our Masters film Cupid on 35mm, which went on to win many awards internationally.



I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to shoot so many interesting projects with great creative minds. The most recent would be shooting an anthology feature, Here Out West, with five female directors: Ana Kokkinos, Leah Purcell, Julie Kalceff, Lucy Gaffy and Fadia Abboud. It featured eight stories which were interwoven into an entire film. I was tasked with tying it all together visually but allowing each story’s individual character to shine through. The whole process was challenging yet so rewarding.