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Feeling It: Music and Sound on Screen

11 Jun 2023,
11:00 am - 12:15 pm


Ever wondered how filmmakers decide on that perfect score to have our hearts fluttering during a rom-com or our pulses quicken while watching a thriller? Learn the tricks of the trade in this interactive session presented by AFTRS and Vivid Sydney.

Using breathtaking footage of nature taken from AFTRS short films, Cameron Patrick, AFTRS’ Discipline Lead, Music, will present a live scoring session, where he’ll offer different musical approaches for you to choose from. Together, you’ll unpack how simply changing the music can dramatically shift the meaning and resonance of a scene.

Following that will be a foley demonstration – aka the everyday sound effects added to a film, like re-recording footsteps or crumpling cellophane to make fire crackling sounds – by AFTRS’ Discipline Lead, Sound Design.

See – and hear – the creativity that exists behind the scenes of films as we peel back the curtain on movie magic.