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For early career screen practitioners based in Victoria. In partnership with Film Victoria (18-19 November)

Global youth media company VICE in partnership with the Australian Film Television & Radio School (AFTRS) is offering an incredible opportunity for talented up-and-coming screen content makers to go behind the scenes through a highly prized internship in the VICE local video department.

The Melbourne-based placement will see the successful candidate shadowing the VICE video team and learning about content creation from development to release and across myriad platforms.

To apply for the internship, applicants must be registered for the upcoming Make It! event, presented by AFTRS with Principal Partner Film Victoria, a two-day event for emerging screen practitioners, jam-packed with industry professionals who will offer specialist career advice.

VICE will run a 90-minute live workshop as part of Make It! featuring shortlisted candidates. The brief for entry will be shared ahead of the event with the successful candidate announced following the VICE session.

AFTRS is excited about partnering with VICE to offer this fantastic career opportunity for a Victorian-based screen practitioner, and it is just one of a range of great opportunities for participants at the Make It! conference,” said Wendy Gray, Head of AFTRS Open.

The VICE video internship will run for three months, with a commitment of two days a week, running from January 15th to April 13th 2018.

Make It! is un-missable intelligence on creating a career in screen. AFTRS, the nation’s leading screen and broadcast school, has gathered some of the best creatives in television, online, film, gaming and VR to share their secrets for success – and their mistakes.

Katy Roberts, Head of Video, VICE Australia, said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with AFTRS and Film Victoria to announce this opportunity, and look forward to fostering exciting new Victorian talent. The team at VICE Australia are inherently young and they are making content that speaks to our audience authentically on issues they care about.

Happily, our internship program has a proven record in helping unearth tomorrow’s talent, with many of our current team members having begun as an intern, before moving on to take freelance, part-time and permanent positions within the company.

Just this year the video team have worked across a vast range of content, from burnout culture, to homelessness, cults, queer identity, brains and internet security—content seen by millions of people worldwide. Interns have an intimate opportunity to see how this is done.

VICE is a news, content, and culture hub and a leading producer of award-winning video, reaching young people on all screens across an unrivalled global network.

Make It! is supported by Principal Partner Film Victoria through their Early Career Skills Development Program (ECSDP).