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Hear from leading innovators and creators at Tropfest’s education program TropTalks. The program features panel discussions on topics that are shaping the screen industry today. Among the speakers are several AFTRS alumni and staff.

Documentary Filmmaker Maryella Hatfield (Bachelor of Arts (Film & Television) Directing, 1992) will be on the Genre Busters panel and Writer/Director Catriona McKenzie (Specialist Extension Course Certificate Scriptwriting, 1995 and Master of Arts (Film & Television) (Hons) Directing, 2000) will be discussing Indigenous Storytelling. AFTRS’ Lecturer Marty Murphy and Writer/Director Robert Connolly (Bachelor of Arts Producing, 1994) will both be on the Adaptation: Bringing Stories To Life panel.

Emmy Award-winning Artist/Filmmaker Lynette Wallworth, who was the recipient of the inaugural AFTRS Creative Fellowship in 2010 will be on the New Technologies in Filmmaking panel.

TropTalks is on 13-16 February. To see the full program visit: tropfest.org.au