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ABC iview Launches Hot New Alumni-Produced Web Series

‘Sarah’s Channel’ | Dir. Nick Coyle

ABC iview’s YouTube channel has been given a makeover worthy of the fanciest beauty blogger to celebrate the launch of hilarious new web series Sarah’s Channel. This hot new series signals a new direction for the broadcaster and showcases the talents of several AFTRS alumni.

Written and directed by Nick Coyle – who also stars in the series – the story follows Sarah, played by Claudia O’Doherty (Love, Trainwreck) who is a young, successful online beauty vlogger that has been brought back to life in a terrifying future to save a dying colony of mutated survivors.

It’s the future. Nuclear winter covers the earth.  Only the ruins of civilisation remain: burnt out cars and crumbling buildings. There is no power, no animals, no agriculture. In the sub-zero temperatures and icy wind, no one can survive for long on the surface. However, there is a giant monster, Quahmork, who stalks the barren landscape, looking for prey. This is the world Sarah finds herself in, re-animated hundreds of years after her death. Sarah is a dynamic, relatable, immensely popular beauty vlogger and influencer with over 3.5 million subscribers and is brought back to life in a terrifying future to save a dying colony of mutated survivors.

‘Sarah’s Channel’ | Dir. Nick Coyle

The six-episode series received funding from Screen Australia and is the first TV project for alumnus Robbie Miles (Graduate Certificate: Screen Drama – Directing & Screenwriting, 2009), who produced the series alongside Yellow Creative manager Karen Colston (Sweetie, Holy Smoke).

On producing the series, Robbie said, “It’s immensely satisfying that we have been able to bring that idea all the way through production and to release with no compromise to Nick’s original vision.”

“The highlight of the shoot for me was helping a terminally sweaty Nick find the switch for his light-up jewel that had gone missing somewhere under his mole-person rag,” he added.

The series was shot by director of photography and Senior Lecturer, Cinematography Justine Kerrigan (Bachelor of Arts – Film & Television Cinematography, 1996) with 1st AC Carina Burke (Graduate Diploma in Sound, 2014), gaffer Andy Robertson (Specialist Extension Course Certificate Cinematography, 1996), and lighting assistant Gokulchand Mandalapu (Graduate Certificate Screen: Cinematography, 2018; Diploma in Camera, 2017).

Alumna Ashleigh Wadebrook (Graduate Diploma in Sound, 2014) was the sound recordist and the series features production and costume design by Helen Fitzgerald (Master of Arts: Film, Television and Digital Media Production Design, 2006).

The series premieres this evening and will be available to watch on ABC Comedy as well as the ABC iview YouTube channel.


Creator/writer/director: Nick Coyle
Producers: Karen Colston, Robbie Miles (Graduate Certificate: Screen Drama – Directing & Screenwriting, 2009)
Director of photography: Justine Kerrigan (Bachelor of Arts – Film & Television Cinematography, 1996)
Executive producers: Nick Coyle, Rick Kalowski, Que Minh Luu, Jean Mostyn, Mark Morrissey, Claudia O’Doherty
Production Manager Taylor Litton-Strain
1st Assistant Director: Madeleine Purdy
1st AC: Carina Burke (Graduate Diploma in Sound, 2014)
Gaffer: Andy Robertson (Specialist Extension Course Certificate Cinematography, 1996)
Best boy: Rosie Robertson
Lighting assistant: Gokulchand Mandalapu (Graduate Certificate Screen: Cinematography, 2018; Diploma in Camera, 2017)
Script supervisor: Forest Lin
Sound recordist: Ashleigh Wadebrook
Production & costume designer: Helen Fitzgerald
Art department assistants: Micha Couell, Kate Sowada-Hicks, Oliver Lewis, Mark Mailler
Standby props: Belle Blamey (Graduate Diploma in Production Design, 2013), Andy Cantrell
Costume construction: Anthony Aitch
Wardrobe assistant: Lexi Gillard
Hair and makeup: Kimberly Conroy, Tania Strange
Special make-up & creature effects: ODD STUDIOS
Creature and prosthetics designer: Adam Johanson
Senior prosthetic artists: Emily James, Colin Ware, Kala Andrews
Creature shop technician: Gavin Kyle
Unit Manager: Dayle Cogdon
Production assistants: Scott Peters, Victor Shergill, Matther Panayiotou
Stills photographer: Kate Cornish
Editor: David Ma
Grade: Luciano Marigo-Spitaleri
Visual effects and graphics: Cameron Simpson
Sound design and mix: Antonia Gauci, Georgia Collins
Online investment managers Lee Naimo, Alyce Adams
Senior investment manager: Bobby Romia
Screen senior investment manager: Megan Young
Director of screen investment: Sally Regan (Bachelor of Arts – Film & Television Producing, 1993)