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AFTRS at Brisbane International Film Festival

Still from ‘All Good Things’ | Dir. Simon Croker

The annual Brisbane International Film Festival is back this October and the program is full of features, shorts and documentaries made by AFTRS alumni. Three of the works on show this year are AFTRS productions created by alumni while completing their studies, including Masters feature Sequin In A Blue Room, BA short, All Good Things and Masters short An Athlete Wrestling A Python.

Samuel Van Grinsven’s (Master of Arts Screen, 2018; Foundation Diploma, 2014) feature debut, Sequin In A Blue Room is proving absolutely unstoppable with yet another festival stop in this year’s BIFF. The graduate project by Van Grinsven and a team of AFTRS students recently had its world premiere at Sydney Film Festival, where it took out the Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature after two sell-out screenings and a standing ovation. Having since made quite a few stops on the festival circuit, the film has won audiences and acclaim both locally and internationally.

Shortly after its forthcoming world premiere at Reeling Film Festival in Chicago (in September), All Good Things a short by director/writer Simon Croker (Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production, 2018; Foundation Diploma, 2014) will continue on to have its local debut at the festival.  In addition to screening, the short is eligible for the Best Festival Short Film Award (AU$2000), the Best Australian Short Film Award (AU$1000) the Special Jury Award (AU$1000), and the Innovation in Form Award (AU$1000).

The work of director/producer/writer Stephanie Jane Day (Master of Arts Screen, 2018) and producer James Robert Woods (Master of Arts Screen, 2018) will be on show in AFTRS short, An Athlete Wrestling A Python, which will screen in competition as part of BIFF’s Heart Beats program.

Also in the program are the SFF-selected features Emu Runner, Hearts and Bones and documentaries, In My Blood It Runs and The Leunig Fragments. Straight off the back of appearances at Melbourne International Film Festival, features Slam and Little Monsters are bound for the festival as well.

See the Brisbane International Film Festival lineup in full here.

Still from ‘Sequin in a Blue Room’ | Dir. Samuel Van Grinsven


Sequin in a Blue Room
Director, screenwriter: Samuel Van Grinsven (Master of Arts Screen, 2018)
Producer: Sophie Hattch (Bachelor of Arts (Screen), 2017)
Associate producer: Linus Gibson (Bachelor of Arts (Screen), 2017)
Cinematographer: Jay Grant (Graduate Certificate in Cinematography Fundamentals, 2014)
2nd unit DP/1st AC: Carina Burke (Graduate Certificate Screen: Cinematography, 2017)
1st AC: Dan Abbot (Graduate Certificate in Cinematography, 2014)
Editor: Tim Guthrie (Master of Arts Screen, 2018)
Composer: Brent Williams (Master of Arts Screen, 2016)
Costume designer: William Tran (Bachelor of Arts (Screen), 2017)
Sound supervisor: Audrey Houssard (Graduate Diploma in Sound, 2014)
H&M: Oliver Lefi-Malouf (Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production, 2018)

Little Monsters
Production designer: Sam Hobbs (Master of Arts – Film & Television Design, 2001)

Emu Runner
Producer: John Fink (Graduate Diploma Screenwriting, 2009)

Cinematographer: Bonnie Elliot ACS (Master of Arts: Film, Television and Digital Media Cinematography, 2006)

Hearts and Bones
Cinematographer: Hugh Miller (Master of Arts – Film & Television Cinematography, 2002)
Assistant producer: Sleena Wilson (Graduate Certificate Screen: Creative Producing, 2018)


In My Blood It Runs
Producer: Larissa Behrendt (Graduate Diploma in Documentary, 2013)

The Leunig Fragments
Cinematographer: Marden Dean (Master of Arts: Film and Television Cinematography, 2008)

Sound Mixer: Derek Allan (Graduate Diploma in Screen Business, 2014)


An Athlete Wrestling a Python
Director/producer/writer: Stephanie Jane Day (Master of Arts Screen, 2018)
Producer: James Robert Woods (Master of Arts Screen, 2018)

All Good Things
Director/writer: Simon Croker (Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production, 2018; Foundation Diploma, 2014)
Producer: Linus Gibson (Bachelor of Arts Screen, 2017)
Cinematographer: Lucca Barone-Peters (Bachelor of Arts Screen 2017)
Editor: William Tran: Graduate Certificate Screen: Editing, 2018; Bachelor of Arts Screen, 2017