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AFTRS Radio Graduate to Host ABC Radio National Original Podcast Series

Fiona Pepper, 2014 AFTRS Radio graduate

ABC Radio National has announced their first original podcast series, Radio National Fictions, which will be hosted by 2014 Graduate Diploma in Radio graduate Fiona Pepper.

The series will be produced by long-time AFTRS guest radio lecturer Sophie Townsend and will air every Saturday from 1.00 pm AEST.

“There’s been a huge resurgence in people listening to audio fiction around the world and as the national broadcaster we want to bring new and compelling creative works to our listeners. It’s a very human thing to want to hear stories and ‘Radio National Fictions’ is where you’ll get to enjoy a broad range of new and different stories – from really hilarious series to dark dystopian worlds.”

- Series Producer, Sophie Townsend

Since graduating in 2014, Fiona Pepper landed her first broadcasting role at the ABC working as a rural reporter in Albany, Western Australia. From rural reporting, she made a sharp turn to digital producing at Radio National. Fiona has also worked as the Cross Media Reporter for ABC Radio Melbourne. Currently, she works as a Digital Producer for Radio National in Melbourne.

Learn more about the new series here.