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Alumni-Produced Music Video Premieres on Adult Swim

Giants of the Earth, a music video created by AFTRS alumni, has premiered on Adult Swim.

The Cartoon Network nighttime programming block debuted in 2001 as a subversive spin on the animated channel’s daytime fare, and soon grew into a catch-all for bold creators. It eventually shook off its animated-only ethos to allow for surreal visions and adventurous filmmaking that fostered some of Hollywood’s most off-the-wall thinkers, and even brought in-game celebrities to join in the insanity.

Produced by alumni-run production company, Fat SalmonGiants of the Earth is the accompanying visual for the recent work by Sydney-based Dutch composer Julien Mier. The animated work was created by several of our talented alumni – mostly 2017 BA graduates – including director Keanu Hoi, producer China White and cinematographer Lucca Barone-Peters, whose fellow alumna Imogen McCluskey‘s feature debut Suburban Wildlife, which recently had its Australian premiere at Sydney Film Festival.

On the set of ‘Giants of the Earth’ | Dir. Keanu Hoi

Co-founded by Lucca Barone-Peters and China White, Fat Salmon was started at AFTRS, where they met and started making films together. Since graduating from the Bachelor of Arts Screen in 2017, they have aimed to represent the best of Sydney’s young creative talent in a range of projects across shorts, feature films, commercials, music videos and fashion films. Their slate of writers and directors is made up almost entirely of AFTRS alumni, and they are still working with the same people they worked with at film school.

Check out the video, and see other projects by Fat Salmon here.

Director: Keanu Hoi (Bachelor of Arts, 2017)
Cinematographer: Lucca Barone-Peters (Bachelor of Arts, 2017)
Producer: China White (Bachelor of Arts, 2017)
Production Company: Fat Salmon
Compositor: Ryan Stubbs (Bachelor of Arts, 2017)
2D Animation: Jayden Chessells (Bachelor of Arts, 2017), Paul van Westing
Editor: Adam Shean (Bachelor of Arts, 2017)
Stills/Drone Operator: Harri Sharp (Bachelor of Arts, 2018)
1st AD: Kimberly Clarke
Assistant Camera: Emily Jansz (Bachelor of Arts, 2017), Michael Angelis (Graduate Certificate Screen: Cinematography, 2017)
Production Assistants: Anna Yuen, Samuel John McEwen