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‘What’s Your Flava?’ 2020: The best 25 minutes on YouTube

Still from ‘What’s Your Flava’ 2020

Six bisexuals enter the Flava house on the quest for love. They make food, small talk and – if they’re brave enough – a move.

Every year, AFTRS Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production students in their second year get a chance to sprinkle their secret sauce on the bisexual dating/cooking show created by their predecessors in 2017. The latest edition is hot out of the oven and you’re going to relish every last morsel.

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Series Producers: Uday Alexander, Zachary Beckton, Beatrice Tekiko
Directors: Jaeger May, Daniel Pollock
Cinematographers: Kerry Chavez, Marko Cvijanovic, Felix Maude, Samuel Walker
Production Designers: Grace Anderson, Xanda Cohen, Sebastian Maule, Isabella Parker
Editors: Zoe Benjamin, Dylan Kennerson, Lachlan Paterson, Thomas Stavropoulos, Harrison Wild
Original Music: Darcy Allen
Sound Supervisors: Emerson Hunt, Simon O’Hagan Daniel Wilson
Host: Salem Barrett-Brown
Cast: Ji Yoon Chung, Max Fontaine, Charlie Hyde, Hannah Johnstone, Alex Lamora, Lillianne ​Boog, Gus ​O’Brien Cavanough
Production Manager: Belinda Parry
Location Manager: Mathew Panayiotou
First Assistant Directors: Carla Hedley Rebecca Sawyer
Gaffers: William Hanson Otto Khoo
Costume Supervisor: Grace Anderson
Makeup Supervisor: Sebastian Maule
WHS Risk Assessment: Beatrice Tekiko
Catering: Carla Hedley
Social Media Manager: Jack Tait
Marketing: Uday Alexander Zoe Benjamin Beatrice Tekiko Thomas Ward
Stills Photographers: Ryan Morgan, Jack Voegt
Post Production Supervisor: Lachlan Paterson
Assistant Editor: Thomas Ward
Titles & Graphics: Thomas Ward
Post Production Sound: Samuel Walker, Thomas Ward,
Colourist: Felix Maude
Special Thanks To: Jordan Gregory, Dunsmore Madhav Padmakumar, Melody Ranger, Max Wrenn, Christelle Le Baccon, the Imperial Erskineville, the students and staff of AFTRS
Series created by Adam Boys, Oliver Levi-Malouf, Patrick Zoerner