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On the Air: AFTRS Radio Students Launch AFTRS FM on iHeartRadio

AFTRS’ Graduate Diploma in Radio students have launched their third pop-up station for the year – this time from lockdown.

Thanks to the latest technology and media kits, this talk and current affairs-focused station will be broadcast from lounge rooms, bedrooms and share houses across Sydney using USB mics and portable recording devices, laptops, mobiles and the ZETTA 2GO remote playout system connected to AFTRS’ main radio studios.

AFTRS FM is live around Australia until Sunday September 12, on the iHeartRadio app and via the AFTRS FM website.

Live from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm each day, audiences will hear new, indie, alternative and Indigenous music, with hits across the workday, plus original podcasts and audio dramas, all mixed in with the latest news, current affairs and what’s trending.

This year’s AFTRS Audio Fiction Anthology, a series of original short audio fiction podcasts, will premiere on AFTRS FM. The series has been written and produced by AFTRS students working with AFTRS Head of Screenwriting Pieter Aquilia and Lecturer Kate Stone, alumnus Ryan Pemberton (Audiocraft), Duncan Fellows (The Letdown, ABC/Netflix; the BBC’s Cbeebies) and NIDA’s Gabriel Alvarado. Each three-minute episode explores an original story full of twists and drama. The anthology’s theme is ‘decluttering’ and features AFTRS students creatively exploring the implications of space, ambition, desire, and loss.

The series episodes are –

Truth or Lie, written and produced by Maybelle Lin, Owen Davies and Tom Denham – A father and daughter face an ultimatum, but not without the excuse to go down memory lane on the way.

Cairo 2030, written and produced by Frazer Johnson and Charles Goodsir – In the not too distant future of 2030, newly crowned Pharaoh of Egypt King Mido plans to destroy the Pyramids of Giza and erect a new city in its place.

Taxi, written and produced by Tom Reeve, Scott Leek and Fenella Jamieson – New to the streets, law student Ashley takes her father’s taxi out for a spin to see if driving is in her blood.

Marco Polo, written and produced by Helena Constanellis, Patrick Rees and Lachlan Brickley – An on-the-run mob boss seeks redemption with his sister. But as a nun, she is faced with the decision to save him or face his sins.

Mental Clutter, written by Bek Wagstaff, Charlie Meller and Sam Maloney – Jessie has struggled with anxiety and depression all his life and signs up for an experimental procedure that should purge the thoughts from his mind. But, his twin sister Alex learns that the procedure will take more than just the harmful feelings.

Bushfires, written and produced by Olivia Hill, Erielle Sudario and Brenton Larney – A couple decides if a dog is worth saving during an apocalyptic bushfire.

AFTRS Head of Radio, Fyona Smith, says students are responding with optimism and agility to changing circumstances and are excited to be live across the nation once more.

“This truly is an exciting time in radio and podcasting. We are fortunate to continue producing broadcast quality content outside of the studios. Each student has access to high-quality microphones and ProTools from home and our industry has been so supportive,” she adds.

iHeartRadio Australia Content Director, Brett ‘Nozz’ Nossiter, says, “iHeartRadio Australia is a long-time supporter of AFTRS Radio and we’re proud to be playing a pivotal role in giving students a real-life lesson on how to adapt to ever-changing circumstances, learn how to use tools and technology to maintain a quality broadcast remotely, and connect with audiences. Radio has always played a vital role in helping to inform and entertain listeners while keeping them feeling connected to their community and this connection is more important than ever during lockdown.”

Students will work with guest air checkers, mentors and coaches from across the industry during AFTRS FM, including Laura Tchilinguirian (ABC), Sian Gard (ABC), David Marchese (Triple J), Glenn Daniel (Smooth FM), and Nic Kelly (SCA).

Applications for AFTRS’ 2022 Graduate Diploma in Radio and Podcasting, offered as a one year full-time or two years part-time course, close Monday 1 November 2021.