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Colour Grading: Colour Science and Calibration

This class teaches basic colour science and colour spaces, followed by a practical workflow for setting up, and calibrating displays.

Understand rec709, BT1886, BT2020, BT2084, BT2100, and more, and experience setting up and checking a display.

Learn what equipment you need to perform calibration on monitors and projectors and how to choose from the diverse products on the market.

Get an introduction to the basic colour science needed for monitor calibration and colour managed workflows. Focus is on practical use rather than math.

Find out about delivery formats, display technologies and the difference between TVs and reference displays

Experience monitor calibration in a practical session using Calman software.

Is the Colour Grading: Colour Science and Calibration right for you?

Colour science 101 is ideal for anyone who uses a display for critical viewing decisions, including DITs, colourists, editors and VFX artists. No prior knowledge is assumed, and by the end of the two days everyone should understand rec709, BT1886, BT2020, BT2084, BT2100 and more, as well as being able to set up and check a display device.

Topics include basic colour science, colour gamuts, calibration software and probes, practical calibration, profiles and LUTs. Calman software is used in this class. If you are considering investing in calibration equipment this course is for you.

Kevin Shaw is visiting Sydney to present this class for the first time. Get more info here.


This is a specialist masterclass. If you are more interested in a general colour grading class, please look at our Industry Certificate: Colour Grading. Kevin Shaw is also presenting Intro to ACES and the HDR Colour Masterclass in the same week. This is a good companion class to precede HDR.

Meet Your Tutors

Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw, CSI is a consultant, instructor and colourist with 35 years of experience. He is currently President of Colorist…

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What you will need

Students can have the opportunity to bring in their own monitors for calibration. No prior knowledge is required for this course.

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This course is only open to students aged 18 +.

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