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Industry Certificate: Production Management (TV Unscripted)

Become a Broadcast Production Manager

In this Industry certificate course, delivered over 8 weeks, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills essentials to work in Production Management in the contemporary Australian broadcast environment. Learn how to plan, budget and manage an unscripted TV series (including Factual, Observational Documentary series, Reality and Entertainment or “Shiny Floor” shows) from an experienced Line Producer/ Production Manager.

Acquire essential knowledge of standard industry practices, rules and regulations

Meet and learn from industry professionals and learn practical approaches to managing staff and crew on a production

Practice creating production workflows, schedules and budgets to brief, gain skills in tracking and managing budgets

Is the Industry Certificate: Production Management (TV Unscripted) right for you?

This is a practice-based course for emerging Production Managers, including Production Co-ordinators. It also offers essential knowledge for Producers who want to expand their skillset in TV. The course assumes that you have worked on a TV production, with a level of knowledge of procedures, roles and the difference between genres. On completion of this course, students will be able to more confidently step up from co-ordinator to manager or manage a low-budget production.

The vast bulk of TV hours that are produced in Australia for Primetime broadcast are unscripted programs – think Masterchef, The Block, Ambulance, I’m a Celebrity, Employable Me, House Rules, The Batchelor, Food Safari, The Great Bake Off, First Dates – these are all programs that started as an idea in a pitch document  – and it took a Producer working with a  Production Manager to bring the idea to life.  There is a lot of opportunity in Broadcast TV production for someone who is in interested in gaining Production Management skills.

You’ll need to possess an aptitude for organising things, be good with numbers (and know your way around an Excel spreadsheet) and also be a great people person. Communication and team building are key skills for this role – which can often be managing a team of 100+ at any one time.

For more information and to get a full course outline please contact shortcourses@aftrs.edu.au


This course does not cover Production Management for Scripted productions (ie TV Drama Series, Narrative Comedy Series or Feature Films).  If you are only interested in Scripted productions we recommend our Industry Certificate: Production Management (Scripted).

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What you will need

This course begins with a five day (Mon-Fri workshop) so you’ll need to be in Sydney for that week. There are also 3 weekend workshops over the following 8 week period.  Attendance at the on-campus classes is mandatory. Ideally you will attend class with a laptop with Microsoft Excel loaded.

In between sessions there are weekly evening Video Zoom lecture sessions (Wednesday evenings) and assessment work to complete.  You can participate in these session from anywhere around Australia, as long as you have a good Internet connection.

Workshops are delivered at AFTRS, Moore Park.

For more information contact shortcourses@aftrs.edu.au

This course is only open to students aged 18 +.

To find out about future offerings of this course, register your interest. For more information email info@aftrs.edu.au or call 1300 223 877.

Payment Plan

This course is eligible for a payment plan.

25%  to confirm enrolment in the course

25% due 14 days from beginning of course

25% due by the end of week 2 of the course

25% due by the end of week 4 of the course

NOTE: If you enrol 14 – 1 day before course commencement, 50% payment will be required to confirm enrolment.

Important information

AFTRS reserves the right to cancel any course for any reason at any time. In the event of a course being cancelled a full refund of course fees will be provided. If you are planning to travel to attend a course, please confirm with us via email that the course will be proceeding before you make your travel bookings. AFTRS is not liable for any travel costs incurred due to course postponement, cancellation, or any other circumstance.

If an attendee wishes to withdraw from a course, they may do so up to 15 days before the course commences and get a full refund. Cancellations 14 days or less before course commencement will incur a fee.

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