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Script Assessment Workshop

Become a Screenplay Consultant

This course will give you the tools needed to rigorously assess other people’s screenplays, within the context of the current commercial Film, TV and Web series climate. Run over two days, it’s designed to strengthen your story analysis skills and help you develop the tools needed to be a professional script assessor for production companies, funding agencies, broadcasters and distributors.

Script assessments are expected to be completed on a short deadline and this course will teach you a quick and effective way to break down a script, in order to give critical and constructive feedback. In addition to the two-day workshop, students will be given the opportunity to test their script assessment skills by assessing two scripts after the course and receiving feedback on their work.

The course will also include a refresher on story structure and genre conventions.

Learn a structured approach to reading and assessing a screenplay, whilst being sensitive to the aims and intentions of the creative team.

Understand the importance of script assessing in the overall development process and be able to recognise the difference between a good idea badly written and an under-developed idea from a talented writer.

Learn how to shape your report according to the needs and nature of the organisation you are writing it for.

Is the Script Assessment Workshop right for you?

Are you in the early stages of a career working in scripted development in film, TV or web series? Or are you looking to break into the sector? The ability to quickly read and assess screenplays is a fundamental tool for anyone working in drama development.  This course will sharpen your skills and allow you to assess projects across a range of forms.  It will also provide interesting insights for screenwriters keen to understand how their work is assessed, and producers who want to learn more about what funding bodies and investors want to see.

Meet Your Tutors

Christopher Sharp

Christopher is a story developer and producer. He has worked in senior development roles for production companies in Australia and…

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What you will need

To get the most from this course, you’ll need to make time to read a screenplay before the course starts (we’ll email it to you once you enrol). You’ll also want to make time after the course to do two Script Assessments for feedback within ten days of the course dates.

This course is only open to students aged 18 +.

For more information call 1300 223 877, or register for future offerings.

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