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Audience, Strategy and Building Your Brand

How do you stand out in the online space, when everyone is already there?

With content producers being able to connect with audiences directly, the need for brand marketing skills has never been higher. When consumers of content have so much choice, how will they find, recognise, share or understand you? It all comes down to the power of building a brand.

This online interactive workshop is run by Peter Drinkwater, one of Australia’s most sought after audience researchers and brand strategists.

The session will be covering an overview of what is brand, and how that is relevant to our industry, followed by two interactive presentations and workshops on:

Personal Branding
Understanding your own authentic personal brand is key for many areas in your life. Career development, getting noticed, pitching yourself and your projects. It requires self-awareness and personal brand theory is a useful way of understanding your natural halos and shadows, and playing to your strengths. Ultimately the people with the strongest personal brands have the most freedom to be themselves and lean into their edge, with massive benefits in all areas of their life.

Content Branding
When it comes to content, people are consuming at the top of their preference spectrum. That means they have unlimited choice and your product needs to stand out in some way. The first way this will happen is in the conscious and unconscious meaning of its brand. Learn how to develop a powerful title, the fundamentals of brand positioning and an introduction to semiotics and cultural insight.

At the end of each session participants will have had the chance to explore a brand strategy for both their personal brand and a piece of content they are working on.

The seminar runs 2pm-5.30pm with two fifteen-minute breaks, and will be delivered completely online via Zoom Video.

Discounts are available for bookings of three or more attendees in the seminar. To get this discount please phone AFTRS Short Courses on 1300 223 877.

What is brand and why is it relevant to creative industries?

Understand the importance of developing your own personal brand

Get an insight successful into content branding, including how to develop a powerful title and the fundamentals of brand positioning

Why go to this seminar?

If you are working in the creative industries developing your own projects, have your own company or product, or just want to promote yourself more effectively don’t miss this seminar.

It’s relevant for producers, writers, directors, entrepreneurs, composers, actors – in fact anyone who has something to promote.


This seminar is part of the Short, Sharp and Immediately Useful series of professional development seminars at AFTRS. Check out the other seminars in the series here.

Meet the presenters

Peter Drinkwater

Peter Drinkwater is CEO of House of Brand Group and Screen Audience Research Australia. With offices in Sydney and Melbourne…

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What you will need

As this seminar is delivered entirely online via Zoom video you will need to have access to a good internet connection, a computer with built-in camera and microphone and a quiet space to participate. Headphones are recommended.

Once you are enrolled we will send out instructions for participation.

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