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Podcasting Fundamentals

Become a Podcaster

Want to learn how to create your own podcasts? Get practical advice and skills training from experts, and learn how to take your podcast from an idea to a completed, ready-to-upload file, in this online course. This six-week course uses online video chat sessions, audio recordings, readings, and exercises.

Recording quality sound for your podcasts, software and hardware needed to record, edit and upload your podcast

Basic audio editing, how production elements can improve your podcast, podcast genres/styles

Developing content ideas, how to structure a podcast, channels, options, strategies to further your ‘brand’

Is Podcasting Fundamentals: Online right for you?

With the increasing accessibility of low cost hardware and software, it is now relatively inexpensive and simple to create and self-publish your own work. This course is suitable for all. It is entry level, but presumes an intermediate level of computer literacy.

Meet Your Tutors

Madeline Joannou

Madeline has worked in radio for the last 14 years as an Audio Producer and Sound Designer and currently works…

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What you will need

  • An internet connection (broadband wired OR wireless 3G or 4G/LTE) and the ability to enable cookies within your web browser
  • Basic audio recording equipment
  • Raw idea for a podcast series (this can just be a basic idea)
  • Access to basic audio editing software on a computer for AFTER the course so you can apply what you have learnt

This course is entry-level but presumes an intermediate level of computer literacy.

This course is only open to students aged 18 +.

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