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Radio Fundamentals: Online

Master the basics of radio broadcasting

This online introductory course is suitable for complete beginners and community radio practitioners. You’ll explore the core elements of the radio industry and radio audiences, learn announcing and presentation techniques and how to find and create content for radio programs.

An introduction to the radio industry and broadcast law

Learn how to source and develop content and have a greater understanding of formats and daypart programming

Learn industry techniques for interviewing, writing for radio, producing and building shows

Is Radio Fundamentals: Online right for you?

Are you interested in learning more about radio? You will gain and apply skills in planning, structuring and presenting on-air content while also developing your writing for radio and interviewing skills.

Meet Your Tutors

Madeline Joannou

Madeline has worked in radio for the last 12 years as an Audio Producer and Sound Designer and currently works…

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To complete the course, you will need internet access and a smartphone. A computer with a camera is ideal as the course includes live online zoom video calls.

For more information call 1300 131 461, or register for future offerings.