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Writing for Hollywood: John Collee

Behind the scenes of 'The Greenhouse' | Directed by Thomas Wilson-White | Photo: Nick Prokop

Learn the ins and outs of writing for Hollywood

In this extremely popular one-day masterclass, novelist and screenwriter John Collee (Happy Feet, Master and Commander, Hotel Mumbai) will share what 20 years working for Hollywood has taught him about spotting a great story, the art of the pitch, theme and story structure, good and bad dialogue, effective re-writing and much more.

The art of the pitch

Why you don’t have a movie until you can tell it aloud

Big picture stuff

How to work out the theme and structure of your story

Devil in the detail

How to write effective action, character and dialogue

Is Writing for Hollywood: John Collee right for you?

This is a lecture-style course in the AFTRS theatre. Practitioners of all levels will find it a very useful day.

If you’re a beginner this course will stop you wasting precious time on projects that cannot possibly succeed. If you’re already an experienced writer this course will make you more productive. If you’re a producer this course will help you get the best out of writers. And if you think your award-winning script is ‘80% finished’ this course will persuade you that it’s not!

John will briefly cover the “do’s and dont’s” of giving notes, taking notes and revising; the art and challenges of the rewrite, and finally when to give up on a project – or as he says “knowing when the horse you’re flogging has died!”

Meet Your Tutor

John Collee

John Collee is a former doctor, novelist and screenwriter whose films, often co-written with their respective directors, have three times…

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This course is only open to students aged 18 +.

For more information call 1300 223 877, or register for future offerings.

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