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AFTRS Student and Alumni Films Set for Brisbane International Film Festival

Still from ‘Bala’ | Dir. Deborah Brown

Twenty-three films by AFTRS students and alumni headed to the 2021 Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF), which will bring its lineup of over 100 features, documentaries and short films to Brisbane cinemas from 21-31 October.

Deborah Brown’s 2019 Master of Arts Screen capstone project, Bala will continue its run on the festival circuit, screening as part of the ‘Australian Festival Highlights’ short film showcase. Bala premiered at Asinakba Film & Media Arts Festival (Ottowa) last year and has since appeared at Manchester Film Festival, ImagineNATIVE Film and Arts Festival (Toronto) Birrarangga Film Festival (Melbourne), Gold Coast Film Festival and Flickerfest.

Films by AFTRS alumni set to appear at the festival include –


The Drover’s Wife: The Legend of Molly Johnson – Opening night film
Director: Leah Purcell
Producer: Greer Simpkin (Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (Creative Industries), 2010)
Sound designer: Liam Egan (Bachelor of Arts (Film & Television) Sound, 1986)

Friends and Strangers
Director: James Vaughan
Costume designer: Olivia Simpson (Graduate Certificate in Costume Design, 2013)
Sound designer: Liam Egan (Bachelor of Arts (Film & Television) Sound, 1986)

Lone Wolf
Director/writer/co-producer: Jonathan Ogilvie (AFTRS Certificate, Video, 1989)
Producer: Mat Govoni (Graduate Certificate in Screenwriting Fundamentals, 2012)
Editor: Bernadette Murray (Graduate Diploma in Editing, 2012)
Sound designer: Liam Egan (Bachelor of Arts (Film & Television) Sound, 1986)

Wyrmwood: Apocalypse (Australian premiere)
Line producer: Cathy Flannery
Sound designer: Lachlan Harris
Re-recording mixer: Thom Kellar

Paris Funeral, 1972 (world premiere)
Director: Adam Briggs
Cinematographer: Adric Watson (Graduate Diploma in Cinematography, 2013)


Wash My Soul in the River’s Flow
Director: Phillippa Bateman
Cinematographers: Allan Collins (Specialist Extension Course Certificate Cinematography, 1996), Bonnie Elliot (Master of Arts: Film, Television and Digital Media Cinematography, 2006)
Editor: Lily Davis (Diploma in Editing Fundamentals, 2016)
Sound designer: Sam Petty (Specialist Extension Certificate Sound, 1992; Specialist Extension Certificate Editing, 1990)
Titles design: Jakub Zaremba (Master of Arts (Film and Television) Digital Media, 2003)

Directors/writers: Alec Morgan (Specialist Extension Certificate Scriptwriting, 1990), Tiriki Onus
Executive producer: Sue Maslin (Master of Screen Arts and Business, 2003)

Anonymous Club
Director: Danny Cohen
Producer: Samantha Dinning (Graduate Certificate in Documentary, 2011)
Executive producer: Sue Maslin (Master of Screen Arts and Business, 2013)

Aaratika: Rise Up!
Writer/director: Larissa Behrendt (Graduate Diploma in Documentary, 2013; Graduate Diploma in Screenwriting, 2012)
Producer: Sam Griffin (Master of Screen Arts and Business, 2017)
Executive producer: Paul Wiegard (Master of Screen Arts & Business, 2015)

Director/writer/producer: Jennifer Peedom
Producers: Jo-Anne McGowan (Specialist Extension Certificate Producing, 1991)
Executive producer: Paul Wiegard (Master of Screen Arts & Business, 2015)
Sound designer: Tara Webb (Graduate Diploma in Sound, 2011)
Visual effects artist: Tamahea Kohu (Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production, 2018)
Visual effects supervisor: Scott Koppelhuber (Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production, 2018)
Additional cinematography: Hugh Miller (Master of Arts (Film & Television) Cinematography, 2002)
Assistant editor: Wayne C. Blair (Graduate Certificate in Editing Drama, 2013)
On-line editor: Joyce Escuadro (Graduate Certificate Screen: Editing, 2017)

Alick and Albert
Cinematographer: Lucas Tomoana (Graduate Diploma in Cinematography, 2013)
Supervising sound editor: Liam Price (Master of Arts (Film & Television) Sound, 1999)

Love in Bright Landscapes
Director: Jonathan Alley
Additional Camera: Andrew Commis (Master of Arts (Film & Television) Cinematography, 1998)

The Boys Who Said NO!
Director: Judith Ehrlich
Sound designer: Thom Kellar (Graduate Diploma in Sound, 2011)

Facing Monsters
Director: Bentley Dean
Editor: Tanya Nehme (AFTRS Certificate, 1990)

Blind Ambition
Directors: Robert Coe, Warwick Ross
Assistant camera: Juntra Santitharangkun (Graduate Certificate in Cinematography Fundamentals, 2012)


Radiance (1998, presented by the National Film and Sound Archive)
Director: Rachel Perkins (Specialist Extension Course Certificate Producing, 1995)
Cinematographer: Warwick Thornton (Bachelor of Arts (Film & Television) Cinematography, 1995)
Art director: Catherine Mansill (AFTRS Certificate, 1991)
Sound supervisor: John Dennison (Diploma Directing, 1983)
Sound recordist: Bronwyn Murphy (Diploma Sound, 1982)

Floating Life (1996, presented by the National Film and Sound Archive)
Director: Clara Law
Associate producer/post-production coordinator: Helen Lovelock (Bachelor of Arts (Film & Television) Producing, 1995)
Cinematographer: Dion Beebe (Bachelor of Arts (Film & Television) Cinematography, 1989)
Editor: Suresh Ayyar (Conversion Course, 1994)
Art director: Luigi Pittorino (Certificate Design, 1989)
Set dresser: Catherine Mansill (AFTRS Certificate, 1991)
Set finisher: Robert Herbert (Bachelor of Arts (Film & Television) Directing, 1991)
Second assistant director: Stefanie Kleinhenz (Specialist Extension Certificate Producing, 1993)
Third assistant director: Habib Massad (Graduate Diploma (Film and Television) Television Producing, 2003)
Sound recordist: Mark Blackwell (Specialist Extension Certificate Sound, 1987)
ADR recordist: Cate Cahill (Bachelor of Arts (Film & Television) Sound, 1987)


Our Greatest Escape
Director: Loani Arman
Cinematographer: Benjamin Cotgrove (Graduate Diploma in Cinematography, 2014)

Torch Song
Director: Stephen Lance
Cinematographer: Benjamin Cotgrove (Graduate Diploma in Cinematography, 2014)
Sound Designer: Thom Kellar (Graduate Diploma in Sound, 2011)

Delta of Venus
Director: Nancy Cao
Composer: Daniel Bunting (Graduate Certificate Screen: Music, 2018)
Re-recording mixer: Tony Murtagh (Bachelor of Arts (Film & Television) in Sound, 1985)


With the Cattle
Director/producer: Cameron Dunlop (Master of Arts Screen, 2020)
Cinematographer: Ian Tyley (Master of Arts Screen, 2020)
Composer: James Mountain (Master of Arts Screen, 2020)
Editor: Liam Clark (Master of Arts Screen, 2020)

You and Me, Before and After
Director: Madeleine Gottlieb (Graduate Diploma in Producing, 2014)
Producers: Cyna Strachan, Liam Heyen (both Graduate Diploma in Producing, 2014)

See the full 2021 Brisbane International Film Festival program.

Bala credits

Director: Deborah Brown (Master of Arts Screen, 2019)
Writer: Melissa Lee Speyer (Master of Arts Screen, 2018; Advanced Diploma in Screenwriting: Series Television, 2016)
Producer: Georgia Noe O’Brien
Cinematographer: Meg White
Production/costume designer: Emma Rose White
Editor: Anthony Watson
Composer: Steve Francis
Sound designer: Oliver Brighton (Bachelor of Arts (Screen), 2017)
Sound recordists: Tahira Donohoe-Bales (Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production, 2018), Rowan Yeomans (Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production, 2018)
Boom operator: Nathaniel Keesing
First assistant camera: Brendan Blacklock (Advanced Diploma in Cine Essentials, 2016)
Second assistant camera/data wrangler: Tom Phillips
Underwater cinematographer: Nays Baghai (Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production, 2016)
First assistant director: Holly Fraser
Continuity: Sarah Vaughan, William Hadinata (Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production, 2018)
Production assistant: Andrew Fraser
Gaffer: John Domeney
Grip: Patrick Butler
Lighting assistant: Terri Ferreira
Production design assistant: Nicki Brancatisano
Hair and makeup artist: Jade Diaz
WHS risk assessment: Kieran Cato at Cato Logistics
Safety officer: Ben Toyer
Stills photographer: Trudi Gultom (Diploma in Camera, 2017)
Colourist: Greg Constantaras at Heckler