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Joe Hepworth

Course Leader – BA

Joe has been a content creator and screenwriter for film and television for over 15 years, with writing commissions spanning companies such as the BBC, Eon Productions and Screen Yorkshire. As managing director of his own production and film education company, Joe has created award-winning content and outreach programs for charities and community groups, specialising in empowering disenfranchised groups and giving a voice to those who find it hardest to be heard. He has written, directed, produced, shot and edited over 40 films with disabled young people, excluded young people, refugees, Gypsy and Roma groups, veterans, mental health groups, students from low economic backgrounds and sexually exploited young people in Malawi.

Joe has taught screenwriting and production as well as managed courses at five film schools around the world, including the Northern Film School (UK) and the Escuela International de Cine y Television in Cuba. He holds an MA in Screenwriting and is an Associate fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. Joe’s most recent position was Deputy Director of Undergraduate Programmes at the Met Film School.

Also, a little known fact about Joe is that ten years ago he was voted among Yorkshire’s Top 100 Brightest New Talents along with the Arctic Monkeys, three English soccer internationals, two gold medal olympians and Sam Burgess of the Rabbitohs.