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Jon Dalgaard

Graduate Diploma Screenwriting, 2012

Jon is a graduate of the AFTRS screenwriting program and holds a Film and American Studies degree from the University of East Anglia.

Before becoming a writer Jon worked as a development executive for producer Deborah Balderstone (Dirty Deeds) and helped US studio Lionsgate establish a presence in Australia by setting up their Sydney office, releasing Good Night and Good Luck, The Lives of Others, Weeds, and Mad Men, among others.

Jon is currently developing a variety of projects, including a family feature with Tumblehead in Denmark as well as an adventure comedy series with Daily Madness in Ireland.

Having recently returned to writing live-action Jon is developing a comedy series for 8+ in this space.


The fellowship. I met so many brilliant and lovely people at AFTRS and many have become good friends who I lean on for support, advice and feedback.


Getting to be in the writer’s room as a professional writer has to be my pick, there’s no better place in the world.